Epic Games and Apple have a long history of technological feud and on Monday, May 3 the three-week trial began in the federal court in Oakland, California.

The lawyers from the two giant companies are expected to present the cases to Judge Yvonne Gonzales-Rogers.

Epic, Apple Begins the Hearing 

Epic vs Apple: Three-Week Trial Kicks Off, Participants Scream 'Bring Back Fornite'
(Photo : Epic Games)

Primarily, Apple has been fighting for its right in the App Store, which it claimed is being patronized by many developers and users. On the other hand, Epic saw this as an outlet of exploitation when it comes to financing which only intensifies their competition, USA Inquirer reported.

Around 15% to 30% are the said charges of Apple under the App Stores' subscriptions and in-game purchases. Only those who use iPod, iPad, and iPhone can have access to this.

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Meanwhile, "Fortnite" creator Epic has submitted papers which concern Apple's barring strategy. This means that the Cupertino giant is making it tough for the players to purchase products from Epic Store.

According to Katherine Forrest, Epic lawyer, the wall that Apple made can be compared to the Venus flytrap. She added the 75% to 78% profit margins that Apple has collected in 2018 and 2019.

This is connected to Steve Jobs' statement that they have no expectations that the company could earn a big amount of money from the App Store in 2008.

In the first three months of 2021, the App Store has reportedly earned $17 billion in revenue. However, Apple criticized Epic about their desired to earn more profits by removing the commission from the store, Aljazeera reported.

For Apple's lawyer, Karen Dunn, the "Project Liberty" strategy is Epic's way to use "Fortnite" in its move to intentionally destroy the contract with the App Store.

"Rather than investing in innovation, Epic invested in lawyers, PR, and policy consultants in an effort to get all of the benefits Apple provides without paying," Dunn said.

Last March, the two companies finalized the line-up for the witnesses who will testify in the trial.

Going back to Epic, the video game publisher insisted that Apple's iPhone has been "deeply attached" to the public through the App Store services.

For this part, the Tim Sweeney-led company said that Tim Cook's firm should make more alternatives like payment options, as well as opening other app stores to open its "walled" garden.

The Epic-Apple in-person trial is expected to last for a month.

Besides Apple, Epic also files a lawsuit against Google over its illegal price gouging of the apps in the Play Store.

The same sentiment was also shared by Apple when it said that it does not want to be a part of Android since it will rob them of the competitive advantage.

'Fortnite' Fans Want the Game to be Free

The Verge reported that over 200 participants who joined in the public line shouted: "Bring Back Fortnite." This happened when the trial accidentally opened the dial in-line. They wanted the game to return to the iPhone and iPad as soon as possible.

For the next few weeks, the benchmark trial will progress and we will see if there are changes that will happen in the future.

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