Apple was the latest target of zero-day hackers which have already exploited and exposed the vulnerabilities of the latest patch of iOS 14.5, which is focused on promoting security and data protection with its features. Despite the many precautions and security prioritization by Apple, the blackhat hackers have still found a way to access user information via this vulnerability. 

Zero-days have been apparent for quite some time now, and they are known for their notorious skills that exploit a certain system or software, making way for accessing its data and information. Apple has been one of the most targeted companies by zero-day hackers and has been subject to different efforts to fight against it. 

The April 20 event of Apple's Spring Loaded has celebrated the arrival of the iOS 14.5. for people to use and experience, bringing the latest features for the iPhone and the iPad. Instead of feeling secure with its update, users are now threatened by these zero-day hackers that have targeted Apple, particularly with the latest implications of iOS 14.5

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iOS 14.5 Apple Zero Day: Vulnerabilities Exposed

Apple iOS 14.5
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According to Apple, the CVE-2021-30661 code execution flaw was already fixed, after being discovered that it was vulnerable to attacks and exploits via its Webkit system used for Safari, Mail, and other native apps. This code for Safari is the main target, and it has proven to be something that can be easily accessed by said hackers. 

Another security note for the latest patch of the iPhone operating system was released by Apple, and it describes that the iOS 14.5.1 was found to have malicious web content that could lead to access by hackers. This is still under the zero-day vulnerability via the Webkit code from the Cupertino giant's system, working as the entry point for these attacks. 

Apple said that the issue may have been "Actively exploited" but has already made preparations and actions to address the severity of the vulnerability. The Cupertino giant also said that it has fixed it, along with the macOS 11.3.1 zero-day vulnerability

Apple has been the Latest Target for Zero-Days

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iOS 14.4 update Apple

Recently, it was reported that 11 zero-day vulnerabilities have been lurking around the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, as Google has discovered. This same report relates to the recent zero-days that were found by the Cupertino giant within its iOS 14.5 and Webkit codes, which potentially makes a user vulnerable to attacks and data access. 

Google has reported, "0 day in the wild" which highlights the different attacks made against different vendors, with Apple having numerous systems in the list. This was compiled by the Project Zero vulnerability team, which has been monitoring the movements made by these zero-days towards tech companies.

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