[Look] Lenovo Yoga X Tablet Can Be Used as a Portable HDMI Monitor: Nintendo Switch Compatible!
(Photo : Screenshot From Commons.Wikipedia.org) [Look] Lenovo Yoga X Tablet Can Be Used as a Portable HDMI Monitor: Nintendo Switch Compatible!

As of the moment, there are only a number of Android tablet makers that really put a great deal of effort in producing tablets and Samsung most probably takes the top spot in that particular market. Lenovo, however, actually takes the cake when it comes to tablets with unique features.

Lenovo Android Tablet

Lenovo actually once had an Android tablet that was able to transform into a particular makeshift Amazon Echo Show and yet another that could be used to hang on walls or even in the kitchen. It now seems like the next trick will be for the company to launch an Android tablet that will not only have an HDMI out, but also its own HDMI input which could turn the device into some sort of portable monitor.

According to SlashGear, Lenovo was previously rumored to have a particular device some time last year when the name "Yoga X" started to spread around the rumor mill. Although there was not that much known at that time, it was still tipped to double as it would become a second monitor.

Lenovo Yoga X Tablet

Lenovo itself would even suggest that its tablet can even become a particular primary monitor for users' Nintendo Switch. According to a post on Weibo by the site's Lenovo YOGA account, the demonstration of this idea showed a Nintendo Switch in a certain dock that was connected to what actually looked like a portable HDMI screen.

Of course, those types of devices are a dime in a dozen these days but the post really dispels much of the ambiguity. The supposed Lenovo YOGA Tablet, it even talks about having its own "HDMI in" which would be a standard feature in any of the portable external screens that should not even bear being mentioned.

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Lenovo Tablet for Nintendo Switch Monitor

When it comes to the design, the device itself does look like one of the standard Lenovo Yoga tablets, at least one  of those with a visible conical lump on one edge as well as a kickstand. There is not much else that can be gleaned from the image. However, it definitely presents another interesting use case for the popular Android tablet.

With this being said, users will then need a way to power the Nintendo Switch while using the tablet. The teaser could have come for a better time, well, at least for those Android tablet users especially focused on gaming. The focus is specifically on Nintendo Switch users and fans will just have to wait and see if the device will be available for other consoles as well.

Google has reportedly just revealed something called the "Entertainment Space" which would highlight mobile games among a number of other things. The official Microsoft Xbox Game Pass streaming could also add yet another source for gaming on those particularly large screens.

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