Xbox Game Pass subscribers might be in for an amazing treat for the holidays, if several leaks are to be believed.

GameRant reports that come Fall 2021, Xbox Game Pass will be offering a plethora of big-budget AAA titles, including a few of the most anticipated next-gen games. If so, then it means Microsoft's streaming service is going to continue being the main focus of the company in terms of keeping revenues going.

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But as with everything, even the most avid fans should take these bits of information with a grain of salt. After all, a handful of the supposed new additions to Xbox Game Pass come September still don't have official release dates. Perhaps these dates won't be revealed until Microsoft's E3 press conference, but it's still fun to hope.

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Something a Bit More Sure

Since it was first announced back in E3 2018, Halo Infinite has been a little off the radar. Microsoft is suspiciously mum about a lot of details, which is working to the company's favor to some extent. Add the fact that Infinite has been delayed from its first planned launch last year, and it's got Master Chief's hordes of fans basically salivating.

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As stated in the game's official Xbox page, Infinite is coming day one to Xbox Game Pass, so there's no "surprise reveal" there. But aside from that, nothing else is ironclad when it comes to this game.

A Return to the Battlefield

Since Microsoft now allows EA Play for the PC edition of Xbox Game Pass, here's something quite exciting: the potential of Battlefield 6 being another day one addition to the service.

There is much hype for the imminent announcement and release of Battlefield 6, and according to a report by GamesRadar, it's also coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. If so, it's going to open up a gargantuan market for both EA, Xbox, and Microsoft as more gamers will have access to the year's next biggest shooter. This is an excellent decision (if it pans out), considering that the next BF6 is already confirmed to be a next-gen exclusive.

Bethesda Making a Big Comeback?

After the massive fiasco that was Fallout 76's launch, Bethesda is looking to redeem itself by announcing a fresh IP and bringing in the next part of the long-successful Elder Scrolls series. Another GameRant report states that Starfield, Bethesda's recently announced sci-fi RPG, and The Elder Scrolls 6 are also going to be day one releases on Xbox Game Pass.

bethesda starfield
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Starfield was announced alongside TES6 back in E3 2018, but since then both games haven't had much in terms of leaks. It seems like Bethesda is playing their cards really close to their chests, which would be good. The last thing they want is to overhype these games again like they did with Fallout 76, and everybody knows how that went down.

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