Apple has received rumors of an upcoming release of "Apple Music HiFi," after initially being rumored that it would get lossless audio music streaming format on its platform last year. Lossless audio is one of the best music formats in the world, with FLAC being one of the most prominent lossless formats in the world and Apple getting into it.

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Users can use Apple Music to play lossless audio and use FLAC but would have to convert it to Apple's lossless audio codec or m4a (ALAC) to make it work or play in iTunes, one's iPhone, or Apple device. People have been doing this for a long time now, without the option for streaming the lossless audio quality instead with Apple Music.

The Apple Music app has gone through a lot of changes over the years, which initially started as the most popular app for any Apple device known as "iTunes," and re-branded as what it is called now. Recently, it was under the Apple One streaming bundle, which comes with Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness, and Apple TV subscriptions under one payment. 

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Apple Music HiFi: Is Lossless Audio Coming Soon?

Apple is asking its users to "Tune-In" with its video launch announcement of the "Coming Soon" offer of Apple Music, with the launch already in place in the Browse tab of the application on the different platforms. The Cupertino giant is inviting people to tune in this Tuesday, May 18, to watch the launch and the new offer of the Music app.

Apple Music
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Apple Music TV

While the launch has left out several important details, it was perceived as the long-rumored "Apple Music HiFi," which is said to usher in a new era for music streaming for Apple devices that use the platform. While these rumors highly judge Apple of its "copy" with Tidal, Deezer, and Spotify's HiFi audio streaming quality, Lossless in Apple Music is hard to come by.

Instead of copying items from discs or the internet, then converting them to ALAC or m4a formats, users can now pay for a monthly subscription, slightly higher than the original fee, for a lossless audio experience. 

What is Lossless Audio?

Lossless audio is a format that aims to keep the original recording straight to the disc or internet, capturing everything which was included in the music, as envisioned by its editors and artists. Lossless is the purest version of any recording, unlike MP3 which is a lossy format, aimed to keep the storage down to a minimum. 

When is the Launch Date? How to Watch

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The launch would happen by Tuesday, May 18, and it would probably happen by the afternoon to nighttime, depending on Apple's start of the launch event, as the time was not indicated. Users can watch the launch via the Apple Music website, to witness the arrival of lossless in streaming. 

The lossless audio format or Apple Music HiFi are based on rumors and are not yet confirmed for Tuesday's launch. 

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