When Blizzard Entertainment launched Overwatch back in 2016, they were looking to bank on the appeal of age-old, class-based shooters such as Quake. And now, the game's fifth anniversary as one of the most popular competitive shooters in the world is imminent.

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PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 25: A figurine of the video game " Overwatch developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment is displayed during the 'Paris Games Week' on October 25, 2018 in Paris, France. 'Paris Games Week' is an international trade fair for video games and runs from October 26 to 31, 2018. Pro during the 'Paris Games Week' on October 25, 2018 in Paris, France. 'Paris Games Week' is an international trade fair for video games and runs from October 26 to 31, 2018.

Express UK reports that the fifth anniversary celebration of Overwatch will be filled with things to do and digest for avid fans. The party will kick off on May 18th and will last until June 8th, with the dates confirmed by the official Overwatch Twitter page.

All the festivities will be available for every Overwatch player across all platforms. And when we say all platforms, we mean it: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch players are welcome to take part in the "Party on the Payload."

Fans can expect that a lot of free content will be added to the game--mostly celebratory hero skins, as reported by ComicBook.com. In fact, Blizzard Entertainment has been gradually revealing a few skins for the characters Sombra, Baptiste, and Moira.

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Funky 'Fros and Superhero Cosplays Galore

As previously mentioned, three heroes have had confirmed new skin releases: support characters Moira and Baptiste, and the damage-dealing hacker Sombra. Here's a quick showcase of the new visuals, courtesy of Dexerto.

Black Cat Sombra:

Venus Moira:

Funky Baptiste:


All the skins look really amazing, but that Baptiste one, though? It's giving out some serious Saturday Night Fever vibes. Everybody's going to love that gorgeous 'fro a lot, though let's not forget about Moira and Sombra's DC Universe cosplays. Poison Ivy, Catwoman, get it?

With how long the festivities are going, it can be safe to say that Blizzard Entertainment will be revealing more character skins as the week goes on. Aside from that, players might also receive a few legendary loot boxes, which has been some sort of tradition in in-game events. But be sure to grab the skins during the event, or else they'll be put in the vault when it's all over!

Any New Info About Overwatch 2?

Blizzard Entertainment has been hard at work on the Overwatch sequel for a while now, and they're ready to reveal more information on the game. This comes about a week after they announced a 2-hour gameplay reveal stream on May 20th, which is two days after the anniversary celebrations.

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In the stream, Blizzard invited a handful of Overwatch League pros, as well as new director Aaron Keller (who took over after OG director Jeff Kaplan's departure), lead hero designer Geoff Goodman, and associate art director Dion Rogers.

But will information about Overwatch 2 be revealed during the anniversary festivities? It's a bit hard to say. The only confirmed Overwatch 2 reveal event happens two days after everything has wrapped up. Maybe the developers will give a few hints here and there, but the entire celebration is meant for the OG game and not the sequel.

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