Rockstar Games and its legions of fans are preparing for the much-anticipated Summer Update 2021 for GTA Online. Here is a quick rundown of all the facts. 

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According to a report on, the event kicks off on May 27th and will feature a good amount of new content for the massively popular GTA Online. It seems like Rockstar Games will be focusing a good amount of effort on making the 2021 Summer Update car-themed, and the add-ons definitely reflect that. 

Aside from GTA Online, Rockstar Games is also ensuring that Red Dead Online is getting some love on its own. Both modes are sure to keep their millions of players occupied for a good while, with all of them in for great treats. 

This information comes after Rockstar revealed some new tidbits about GTA V's next-gen port to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, which is now confirmed to arrive on November 11th. As for news regarding GTA 6, there's still nothing, but it will definitely come to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as well. 

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An Ode To Car Culture 

Here's an ode to all the gearheads out there who want to indulge in their hobbies without actually having to own real cars: GTA Online's Summer Update will be adding new performance and customization upgrades for your cars to sink your teeth into. 

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Aside from that, like-minded car enthusiasts will also get a special "underground" meetup spot where they can show off their rides and perform shady dealings without the authorities breathing down their necks, as stated in an update on the Rockstar Games website. 

So if you have a fleet of sick whips you want to race against somebody else's, then you don't have to worry about cops chasing you down. It's gonna scratch the paint up, that's for sure. But be wary about your cars as other players may want to take them away from you, with Rockstar even saying that stolen cars will be pretty "in-demand," as reported on GameSpot

Lastly, there will be eight brand-new stunt races to be added to the stunt race series, as well as loads of new stolen vehicles, race types, and robbery missions. It looks like GTA V will be turned into a custom car showcase this summer, and everybody's in for it. 

Red Dead Online Gets Some, Too 

Of course, Rockstar Games isn't going to forget about Red Dead Online. Like GTA Online, the popular Western title will also get eight new races that span multiple locations from Gaptooth Breach to Lagras. These races will serve as avenues for players to show off their digital horse riding skills, and earn bragging rights across all of Red Dead Online's five states. The races are coming to the game earlier than GTA Vs, on May 25th. 

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Aside from these, players will also be able to participate in missions that apparently focus on the "criminal underworld" of the Red Dead universe. Time to play to your fantasies of being the most feared lawman in the West! 

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