Spotify is adding new accessibility features in the next few weeks for both iOS and Android, the company wrote on its website on May 18. It includes an auto-transcribe feature for podcast users. There are also other design changes in the interface to improve the overall experience.

The app has recently raised at prices in some countries. And consequently, Spotify is brushing up the listening experience by enhancing even the minute details. 

Spotify Will Add An Auto-Transcribe Feature To Podcasts, And More Accessibility Features!
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NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 27: A woman walks through a hallway at Spotify offices following a press conference on June 27, 2013 in New York City. Spotify will add 130 tech and engineering jobs in New York and expand to a new office in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Auto-Transcribe for Podcasts 

The auto-transcribe option will only be available to a few Spotify Original and Exclusive shows. The long-term plan is to make the spell-out feature available in every podcast on the platform. In addition, the said feature will be on beta rollout as it launches, The Verge reported. The company also announced that they are still collecting feedback before they expand it to other titles. 

When the auto-transcribe feature rolls out, users will be able to read an automatically generated transcript of their favorite shows. The listeners may either read it with or without the sound. Furthermore, to help users navigate the podcast, they may click on a specific part on the transcript and start listening from there. Spotify is, noticeably, stepping up its game in playing podcasts. On May 11, the app allowed users to share podcasts at a timestamp.

Hence, the accessibility update will allow more users to enjoy the podcasts they love. 

Easier To Read Texts 

In terms of design, Spotify is also upping its game in readability. Some may need the text bigger, while others prefer it small. Spotify will soon allow users to change the text in the app in varying sizes, depending on their visual needs or even personal preference. The new feature is called Dynamic Type, which could increase the text size to a certain extent. 

How do users change it? Go to Spotify's Setting > Accessibility, and select "Display and Text." Then, you may now drag a slider to choose your desired font size. 

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Easier To See Buttons 

As users navigate the app to listen from their favorite podcasts to their mood-lifting song, buttons are tapped repeatedly. Thus, users must have it easier to see. Even this slightest, but important detail, Spotify noticed. The app will soon carry buttons that are easier for both "low-vision and visually impaired users to spot and engage with," the company said in the same announcement. 

Furthermore, other external factors, such as the low lighting in your room or the sunlight beaming to your phone's screen are also taken into consideration. Despite such situations, listeners will soon easily see and be able to tap the right buttons. 

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