ransomware attack on Managed.com
(Photo : Markus Spiske from Pexels) The ransomware attack affected the company's clients, disabling them from accessing their sites.
Ransomware Attack
(Photo : Pixabay )

The Conti Ransomware has been issued a flash alert by the country's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after initially suspected of already enacting its attack on the US Healthcare and Emergency network systems. Initially, the ransomware's victim was Ireland and has targeted its healthcare system, which has left it in a disastrous state.

ransomware attack on Managed.com
(Photo : Markus Spiske from Pexels)
The ransomware attack affected the company's clients, disabling them from accessing their sites.

The goal of ransomware is always to make money, and to do this, it would need to access files that are of grave importance and value. Hence the successful attempt it has over its victim. This was what went down with the several ransomware cases of the past months and years, with Ireland being the latest victim, which held a massive toll on the country. 

Despite the world suffering from a global pandemic during the start of the 2020 and has left it in its restricted state of staying at home to avoid the virus's spread, threat actors still carry out attacks such as this. The United States' most massive and recent attack was with Colonial Pipeline, which is known to be one of the top providers of fuel for the East Coast. 

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Conti Ransomware Targets US Health, Emergency Network

Ransomware Attack
(Photo : Pixabay )

Two of the most important industries in the country right now are the health and emergency networks, especially as a virus threatens the lives of citizens, which have tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, there are also a lot of accidents or unexpected occurrences that happen, and this moment brings a heavy toll on the country. 

However, those are nothing to hackers and threat actors, particularly those under the Conti Ransomware team, and their ransomware suspected of penetrating the said industries. The FBI has issued a flash alert amongst all industries, warning them of an impending attack, expected to be as massive as that of Ireland. 

According to Gizmodo, Conti has already hit 16 health care systems and emergency networks in the country and is still looking for new victims or awaiting its next crime spree. 

How Massive is the Conti Ransomware?

Right now, there is no way of knowing the threat actors' plans and reign of terror, as the FBI still expects more systems to be hit by this ransomware, aiming to cripple the country's systems. 

In terms of the ransomware's size, it is considered a significant threat to the security and safety of these systems, especially with its previous success of taking down Ireland's systems with its malware. The extent of this malware is massive, and that concerned parties are advised to tread lightly and carefully with the Conti Ransomware. 

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