Epic Unveils Unreal Engine 5 On its Early Access; AMD Ryzen, Radeon Users to Benefit from UE5
(Photo : Unreal Engine via Screenshot) Unreal Engine 5 on Early Access

The release of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) does not come as a surprise for the gamers, but what it can do is the shocking part of its launch. Now on its early access, AMD announced that the collaboration with Epic Games will guarantee a long-lasting and smoother gaming experience for the next-gen console users.

Specifically, those who use Radeon or Ryzen will receive the most benefit out of the game engine improvement. For the demo, Epic said that it utilized AMD Threadripper CPUs to make this possible.

Unreal Engine 5 Will Boost the Next-Gen Gaming Console

Epic Unveils Unreal Engine 5 On its Early Access; AMD Ryzen, Radeon Users to Benefit from UE5
(Photo : Unreal Engine via Screenshot)
Unreal Engine 5 on Early Access

Epic Games VP of Engineering, Nick Penwarden said that the arrival of UE5 will mean a lot of advantages for the AMD GPUs and CPUs.

Most importantly, the unrivaled features of the gaming experience when it comes to its resolution, details, and other characteristics will target those users who have PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5.

Moreover, the Threadripper CPUs will make the job faster for the game engine. AMD expected this boost ahead of the UE5's revelation. The engineers behind the production will also render less time during the code compilation. This only means that they will have more time for brainstorming the features, developing them, as well as running a test for their functionality, Tom's Hardware reported.

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On top of that, AMD wrote in its blog that the Temporal Super-Resolution will be fully optimized for the Radeon chips. Even though Epic did not give away any details about the other improvements attached to the Unreal Engine 5, the release notes for the UE5 will tell a lot more about its algorithm.

UE5: Temporal Super Resolution Release Notes

According to a report by Wcctech on Wednesday, May 26, the next-generation games would require the next-gen improvement which users haven't yet seen previously. To address the issue, AMD made use of the Temporal Super-Resolution algorithm which surpasses the former TemporalAA of the older UE4.

Below is a list of the properties of Temporal Super Resolution:

  • Can now be enabled on Shader Model 5 capable hardware including PS5, XSx, D3D11, D3D12. (Coming soon to Metal).

  • Lessened geometry flickering with high complexity

  • Optimized shaders for the architecture of the XSX and PS5's GPU

  • Less ghosting against high-frequency backgrounds.

  • 1080 p is the lowest input resolution for the native 4K. It also comes with higher fps and better rendering fidelity.

Since the UE5 is still on early access, the Temporal Super-Resolution will be activated by default in the project settings. While there is a glaring difference between the upscaled 1080p and native 4K photo, what UE5 brings is a big improvement that AMD has constructed with the Gaming Super Resolution (GSR) based on machine-learning.

The good news for this is its cross-platform feature so it could reach more players who want to use it. Again, Unreal Engine 5's Temporal Super-Resolution algorithm will be a guaranteed sweet spot for gamers when compared to its past UE4 counterpart.

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