Apple and the University of Nevada, Reno aim to achieve the common goal of improving the overall school curriculum for the incoming freshmen by giving them free iPad Air, Apple Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil.

In line with the "Digital Wolf Pack initiative," those first-year students who will attend in Fall 2021 will be able to receive the devices from the tech giant.

Moreover, the university is also pushing to launch a better learning platform en route to improved technological access. Now that the Cupertino company is collaborating with the institution, the ease of adopting an easy learning process is a few steps away from happening.

Apple to Help Freshmen Through its Apps and Devices

Free iPad Air, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard Folio to be Given Away for Incoming Freshmen Who Will Attend Fall 2021 in University of Nevada, Reno
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A student using an Apple product.

According to Apple Insider's report on Thursday, May 27, Apple is not only giving the iPad Air for the sake of entertainment and creation. Through this simple way, the consumer electronics company is reaching out to the student to help them develop digital literacy and fluency. Moreover, through Apple's apps, the incoming students will be more creative, productive, and better at communicating.

Among the list of the suite of apps that Apple will include for the students' access are Swift Playgrounds, Numbers, Keynote, and Pages to name a few. There is also a list of the apps which will improve the student's experience inside and outside the campus.

For Apple's VP of Worldwide Relations and Education, Susan Prescott, the company's feat is something to be "proud" of, especially that the products will be the useful tools for the curriculum that the University of Nevada, Reno has launched.

"At Apple, we believe education is the great equalizer, and that access to technology is key to learning and workforce opportunities today," Prescott said.

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Prescott continued that the whole organization is also proud for being chosen by the university to guide the incoming first-year students. She added that what they want to pursue is the learning opportunity of the students which should bloom in "new" ways.

What is the Digital Wolf Pack Initiative?

Brian Sandoval, the president of the University of Nevada, Reno stated that what Apple did would guarantee the students with a great technological interaction through the learning materials and other digital tools. The devices would also help them from day one of their campus life until they graduate from the university.

As for the Digital Wolf Pack initiative which is made possible through NevadaFIT, the university has been pushing to give its best service to the students through its partnership with Apple.

The Apple Professional Learning curriculum would pave the way for the students to learn more about coding and other development skills which they could use in the future. Furthermore, the university would also be trained by the company on how to utilize the tools in academic teaching, Macrumors reported.

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