Xiaomi HyperCharge 200W Wired and 120W Wireless Charging Options | 8 Minute Charge!
(Photo : Screenshot From Xiaomi Official YouTube) Xiaomi HyperCharge 200W Wired and 120W Wireless Charging Options | 8 Minute Charge!

Xiaomi HyperCharge 200W wired and 120W wireless charging options are coming out as Xiaomi plans to go hard on its batteries. Battery technology, especially when it comes to smartphones, have not yet evolved that much in the course of the past years.

Xiaomi HyperCharge 200W Wired and 120W Wireless

According to the story by SlashGear, the lack of battery technology is the reason why smartphone makers have now tried to upgrade the part that they can have even more direct control of. Charging technology, in contrast to battery technology, has grown by leaps and bounds and we are now looking at better charging output that kind of seems almost too good to be true.

This is exactly why Xiaomi is now showing off with its newest Xiaomi HyperCharge technology that is capable of filling up users' phones in just a matter of 8 or 15 minutes. Xiaomi, alongside with certain phone makers like Oppo, Vivo, and even OnePlus, has also been trying to push the boundaries of smartphone charging especially where bigger companies like Samsung seem like they fear to tread.

Xiaomi Beat 100W Wired Charging

Xiaomi, however, was one of if not the first to actually demonstrate the 100W wired charging which then eventually upgraded into 120W charging with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. As of the moment, it's trying to break the internet once again with two different charging claims that might get too hot for users' comfort.

The Xiaomi HyperCharge, as seen in the video, supports both the mind-blowing fast charging on both the wired and the wireless chargers. Of course, the wired still manages to charge faster in comparison to the wireless but it's actually almost unbelievable that the phone is capable of charging to 100% in just a few minutes with its wireless charging technology.

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Xiaomi Wireless Technology

With the new Xiaomi 200W wired charging, the phone would be able to go from zero to full in just a matter of eight minutes in total! For the 100W wireless charging, on the other hand, the time is still almost double what is initially expected. It does take just 15 minutes for the very same phone to charge all the way up to 100% using the new wireless technology.

Of course, Xiaomi does not really note that the phone shown in the particular YouTube video is a modified version of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro that has a massive 4,000 mAh. It might also take some time before the new technology would actually be available to consumers but, given the current risks that are involved, Xiaomi might actually need to take all the time it takes in order to perfect the technology.

It now seems like Xiaomi could be ahead of the game with an eight-minute charger that is currently one of the fastest if not the fastest in the market. Of course, it's too early to declare Xiaomi the winner as other smartphone companies might still have some tricks up their sleeves.


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