Every week is a surprise for Xbox Series X restock finders who are always alert on the possible supplies of the next-gen console. As we enter June this week, the journey for the search is getting harder especially with the upcoming sixth anniversary of PS5, but for those who want to buy Xbox, this opportunity could be a give-away.

From May 31 to Jun.6, here are the official online stores where you can score an Xbox Series X console.

Xbox Series X Restock May 31-June 6: What Stores Could Drop Consoles This Week?
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Xbox Series X restock this week.


At this moment, it's becoming more difficult to timely look for a possible Xbox Series X restock in Amazon. The last time that the store released the new wave of the consoles was on Thursday, May 27. However, the "cart" issue complaints of the buyers only makes things worse.

This week, there is a good chance that Amazon could release its extra supplies from its warehouse. Although we never know any idea about that, the second-week pattern of the restock sounds good for the consumers.


For some time, we haven't yet heard any news about the next Xbox Series X restock in GameStop. It was in May 26 when the store updated us about it. Despite several issues, we could hopefully land a successful run of the console restock this week.

It's possible that the month of June could return its restock pattern that usually happens every one to two weeks--if we are lucky.

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If you want to avoid high fees from shipping and other miscellanous expenses, Microsoft could be your option to get your Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, the company did not throw a restock on Thursday, May 28 despite that it is known to release the consoles during the said day, Gaming Intel reported.

Watch out for this store as there is a high chance that it would drop an Xbox Series X restock on Jun.3.


The patrons could now be frustrated that Antonline stocks become never-heard. This week, however, could have a slight chance of an Xbox Series X restock. Once a week, it issues a potential replenishment of the next-gen device.

Best Buy

Last week, we have successfully seen a fair release of Xbox from Best Buy after two straight weeks of not restocking.
It's good to be back once again in scouting this retailer since we could score one this week. However, the Memorial Day bank holiday could decrease our chances of acquiring the console.


We hope that Walmart would drop Xbox Series X this week. The common pattern for the store is its weekly or bi-weekly drop. Expect a little possibility for a restock in Jun. 3

Rumors said that Walmart is "secretly restocking" the consoles in the US stores so it's a great news for those who want to own the console. Visit Xbox All Access for more information, CNET reported.


In case you skipped the Xbox Series X restock announcement, the store would not anymore acquire restock waves at its stores, but it would release them upon arrival.

Although the Xbox shortage would seem to last for a short time, its high demand could be a problem together with the heavy global chip shortage.

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