Apple's iPad would receive OLED in 2022 according to speculations and rumors, suggesting that it would leave behind its long-running partner for displays, the Liquid Retinas which use the IPS LCD technology. The new OLEDs are only for selected models of the iPad, and would not constitute most of its devices despite being the older tech.

Apple iPad Pro 2021 M1
(Photo : Apple Newsroom)

The Cupertino giant has not updated much with the display of its technology, with several of the iPad and iPhone models (iPhone 11 and below), having the IPS LCD known as "Liquid Retina." The only ones that changed are the iPhone 12's XDR Retina OLED, the iPad 2021 M1's Mini LED, and the MacBook M1 2020's Retina LED

The company has been known not to ride the LED screen hype over the past years and stuck with its Retina LCD technology which has been the iconic look and feel of an Apple screen or display. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages present in the use of both LED and LCD, and it might be time to let go of the older one. 

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Apple iPad OLED in 2022

Apple iPad Pro 2021 M1
(Photo : Apple Newsroom)

Apple's iPad has been using old-time display tech and was only updated to match and deliver current display trends like 4K and the vibrant colors which were showcased by recent releases of the iPad. Liquid crystal display or LCDs were the first displays that moved away from CRTs (cathode-rate tubes) in the television industry, soon miniaturized to portable tech. 

While Samsung and other companies which developed Smart TVs and smartphones shifted from LCDs to Light-emitting diodes or LEDs, Apple stayed with its IPS LCD known as "Liquid Retina." However, according to South Korea's ET News, Apple has been rumored to plan a shift from old displays to the latest trend in the market, which is OLED.

Organic Light-emitting diode or OLEDs are known to deliver more vibrant colors and stronger blacks, aiming to highlight more of the details and look of a certain video or image. It also would be the rumored replacement to LCD Retinas for Apple in the following year, and would mainly dedicate it for several models of the iPad. 

Which iPad would Receive the OLED?

Leaked Dummy Models of the iPad 2021 series
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Currently, there are no mentions as to what iPad would receive the OLED upgrade, and who would join the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro M1 with their LED screens to fit the modern display era for smart devices. Speculations have pointed out to the iPad Mini's sixth-generation (which is an overdue update), or the next iPad Air (5th-generation) to release.

However, the speculations for the iPad Mini to have OLED is slimming, especially as it was initially revealed that it would come this year, probably in the September Fall showcase of Apple. For now, people would have to place their bets on their preferred iPad to get the OLED update.

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