"Overwatch 2" is a brand new installment to the ongoing gaming franchise. The latest version will now conform to Dr. DisRespect's sentiments.

Overwatch 2
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"Overwatch" is a video game with a setting 60 years into the future of a fictionalized and modernized Earth, just 30 years after the so-called "Omnic Crisis." The said crisis occurred when the worldwide automated facilities for "omnium" started producing a series of lethal, hostile robots that terrorized the entire humankind.

In gaming, each game is slightly different from the other, and not every game is for everyone. For example, "Overwatch" is a game that Dr Disrespect prefers to leave untouched.

 'Overwatch': Dr. Disrespect's Issue

In 2020, Dr. Disrespect openly admitted in one of his streams that he could not get into "Overwatch," mainly because there's too much happening on screen. He said that the game's shields, and the number of players made the game seem too congested.

According to ComicBook, Dr Disrespect said in February 2020 that he felt as if he was staring at nine people with enormous bubble shields, bubblegum, balloons, and cherry pies that were flashing all over his screen. He added that it was a complete "team of VFX."

There is no denying that "Overwatch" has a vast and avid fanbase that may disagree with Dr. Disrespect's sentiments.

However, it seems like the developers at Blizzard, the company responsible for the development of "Overwatch," might be on the same page as the popular streamer.

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 'Overwatch 2' New Features

"Overwatch 2" finally hit the market, and in an instant, it seems like Dr Disrespect's previous complaints were taken into consideration by Blizzard.

The game's developer decided to shake things up a bit.

As of June 2020, "Overwatch 2" has shifted into a 5v5 layout with one less Tank character per team, and the shields' sizes have also decreased. Blizzard hopes that these changes into the new installment of the "Overwatch" series will make the game more comfortable to play. They did these revisions to provide fast-paced gameplay to "Overwatch" players.

With this announcement, the people are thrilled to hear Dr Disrespect's take on the new format that "Overwatch 2" has. 

The moment Blizzard confirmed that the game's sequel will now have five players on each team instead of six, the community started to split into two categories: those who support the update, and those who hate it.

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 'Overwatch 2' - Tank Upgrade

With the new updates that "Overwatch 2" has in store for gamers, Tank characters have many expectations.

ComicBook said that we could expect to see Tanks receive an overhaul with the lessened number of Tanks per team. Because they will have to fight as a solo character for the entire team, Blizzard will probably give these characters extensive offensive abilities.

One of the most sought-after Tank characters is Orisa, and some avid supporters are already predicting how she and other Tanks will upgrade. 

The news outlet also said that "Overwatch 2" will be available on the same platforms as "Overwatch." This includes Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. 

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