Nintendo Switch Pro rumors are still surfacing left and right because Nintendo is extremely tight-lipped about an alleged reveal. But maybe these overseas listings might shed even more light on the matter.

WCCFTech reports that various hardware listings for the Nintendo Switch Pro just popped up overseas, and it looks like the handheld console is going to cost quite the pretty penny: €399, or around USD $486 at the time of this writing. That's more or less a few bucks off the MSRP of a full-size gaming system like the PS5.

The €399 or $486.87 price tag was spotted by eagle-eyed internet sleuths at an unnamed French retailer, reports VideoGamesChronicle. There was also a Tweet, actually, also in French, which posted images of the leaked price. It came from a Twitter page known as @Nintend'Alerts.

Aside from this, another Twitter page named @CentroLeaks revealed that there's also another new hardware listing for the Switch Pro. It's scheduled to go live on June 4 at around midnight CST.

If the alleged price is accurate, then it puts the still-unannounced Nintendo Switch Pro at around $180 over the MSRP of $300. At that price point, the rumored handheld better have some serious hardware with it. And according to a few more teases revealed earlier this year, the Nintendo Switch Pro might be the most powerful handheld gaming system ever made. 

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Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors: Serious Tech in a Small Package

Among the most notable details stated in various leaks suggest that the Nintendo Switch Pro is going to be 4K-capable. Now, if you're well-versed in the world of tech, you should know that it's an EXTREMELY bold claim to say that a handheld gaming machine would be capable of 4K when such a resolution is still hard to maintain even on a lot of full-fledged gaming PCs and next-gen consoles. 

But 4K has been the buzzword all over, and there's no denying it. A lot of these Nintendo Switch Pro rumors claim the existence of a fully-custom graphics chip from NVIDIA, which insiders claim will be able to support DLSS (deep learning supersampling). 

With DLSS, the Switch Pro being 4K-capable actually makes a bit of sense since the technology works by rendering games at a lower resolution, then upscaling them to higher ones using AI. And given that the base Switch model allows docking to a TV for full-size console-like play, it also makes sense for the Pro model also to possess such functionality.

Aside from this, there's also word about a possible Dolby Vision and Atmos support for the Nintendo Switch Pro, as reported by The Verge. Microsoft apparently revealed this in a now-deleted blog post, which claimed that the PS5 and the Nintendo Switch might feature more Dolby technologies in the foreseeable future. If there is indeed a Switch Pro, then support for Dolby tech is going to be a very welcome extra.

Ahead of E3 2021, Nintendo is staying extremely quiet about the date and time of their much-anticipated showcase. They're one of only two exhibitors who still list their schedule as TBA (Square Enix is the other one), which only raises the already astronomical levels of hype even higher.

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