Riot said that it is now working on the latest "Valorant" 522 error message, which prevents players from redeeming the latest Pride Cards and the new Limited Edition Duality codes. The internal issue started when the game publisher confirmed that gamers can use them for free.

"We're sorry for the code redemption struggles! Our site just can't handle the force of your love. We're working on a solution to provide you the redeemable content. Stay tuned," said Riot.

"If you've already tried to redeem the card and it didn't work, sit tight. We're working on getting it to your account," added the game publisher.
Right now, the company's latest tweet was able to generate more than 240 comments, 400 retweets, and 10,000 likes.

Although the game publisher said that it is now making efforts to fix the website error, some fans can't help but compare "Valorant" with "Fortnite."

Riot is Already Working on a Fix

According to Dexerto's latest report, Riot announced the free codes on May 31. Ever since the game publisher released the new Pride and Duality cards of "Valorant," players have complained about the website's issue.

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They confirmed that this bug prevents them from redeeming the cards. The error is specifically the 522 bug. Based on the posts and comments that the "Valorant" players are publishing, they are really not satisfied with Riot's website service.

However, the game publisher still makes some efforts to allow the players to benefit from the latest Pride cards and the Limited Edition Duality cards. These include removing the time limit for these codes.

On the other hand, some game experts claimed that there are still some methods to fix the 522 error message.

Fixing 'Valorant' 522 Error 

Some players and other game experts claimed that if you ever encounter the 522 error message, all you need to do is refresh the website and wait for it to work properly again.

However, this method doesn't always work, which adds up to the irritation felt by the fans right now. Although this is the case, Digital Guide IONOS still provides some methods you can try to fix the annoying 522 bug. 

But, before you try them, you need to remember that they are still not 100% accurate. 

  • Check IP filtering
  • Contact Cloudflare-Support
  • Optimize server capacity
  • Customize DNS/IP settings
  • Activate the "keepalive" message

If all these methods still don't work, the best thing you can do is wait for Riot's upcoming announcements regarding the in-development fix. 

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