#WeLoveYouElon has been a massive trend in social media, following the video threat by "Anonymous" to expose Elon Musk and Tesla online. Fans have been flocking the social media platform of Twitter to show support, appreciation, and love to the Tesla CEO, as he has been subjected to threats from the popular internet entity.

Musk Faces Threat from Anonymous

#WeLoveYouElon trends as Elon Musk Face Threats from Anonymous
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk arrives at federal court, April 4, 2019 in New York City. A federal judge will hear oral arguments this afternoon in a lawsuit brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that seeks to hold Musk in contempt for violating a settlement deal.

Elon Musk has gathered a lot of hate and bad blood over his career, and this has been the subject of the recent threats of an unknown assailant that identifies itself as "Anonymous" which dropped the recent video. However, this does not equate to the supporters and fans of the Tesla CEO, particularly as messages of love and support flood Twitter with the hashtag #WeLoveYouElon.

From SEC lawsuits to rivalry with car companies and other Big Tech, Musk has endured them all and remains a positive entity in social media as the "Meme Lord" and eccentric personality as he is. With all the threats looming around him, the tech CEO has been laughing at the threats posted against him by the person that hides behind a mask.

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#WeLoveYouElon Trends on Twitter

Fans and supporters of the Tech CEO and billionaire have flooded Twitter earlier today, following a video message threat by Anonymous made against Elon Musk. The #WeLoveYouElon has gathered a lot of support and hate in social media, and at one point, took Twitter's top eight trending spots for today.

  Thousands have already used the hashtag to show their support to Musk, with some even branding themselves as the #DogeArmy and standing in solidarity with the CEO.

However, amidst these threats and issues being faced by Musk, the CEO only laughs at the threats around him, particularly with the second Anonymous video being posted via social media, and Musk reacting with laughing emojis only.

Musk remains unbothered by the threats, especially as his backers including the likes of YouTuber Dave Lee, which has claimed that he has debunked all the arguments of Anonymous against the CEO.

What is the Anonymous Video All About?

The hacktivist group is known as "Anonymous" has claimed that Elon Musk had "too much power over the cryptocurrency markets," with the CEO's tweets, memes, and reactions affecting the industry. This statement shows that the group is a massive user of cryptocurrency, and has been affected by the recent trends of Bitcoin, with Musk being at its center.

Currently, Musk has not been reported to seek out the help of the authorities amidst these looming threats, especially as he has the full confidence of the public to back him up via Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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