PS5 Restock Updates indicate a strong chance of seeing consoles this week from popular retailers. This is amidst the recently trending topic of "No PS5" on social media, with frustrated users not seeing it online.

PS5 Restock Update June 2021
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Despite the rumors, speculations of Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Newegg, and other retail shops hint that it would come this week.

'No PS5' Trends on Social Media

Ps5 table
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Living room with a Sony PlayStation 5 home video game console alongside a television, taken on Novemebr 3, 2020.

In the past week, there has been a scarcity of stock updates for the PlayStation 5, and it has been a quiet week for Sony amidst this global chip shortage that massive tech companies have been facing. However, it is not the end of the line for the PS5 and Sony, especially as the Japanese console maker struggles to distribute its gaming machine to the different retailers online.

Games are flooding and even a new version of the PS5 was spotted by speculators, which point out to the slim version of the console, but the original release version of 2020 still sees scarcity. Despite these, several analysts have advised the public not to worry, especially as rumors spread about the next stock drop of the console.

And while there are no specific dates for this drop, the public is advised to monitor the retailers closely for any PS5 restock updates this week, particularly from massive online retail shops found below.

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PS5 Restock Updates June 2021

PS5 Restock Update June 2021
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Availability: Currently Sold-out, Unknown, but Amazon is frequent to get restocks from Sony at the most unusual times (no specific day of the week or times).

Price: $499

Check-out Amazon for the PS5 Restock Update this June


Availability: Currently unavailable, unknown date of restocking, but check for updates via Twitter and retail e-shop as Walmart frequently updates. Walmart is known to drop the PS5 restocks during Thursdays and on weekends.

Price: $499

Check-out Walmart for the PS5 Restock Update this June


Availability: Currently sold-out, Unknown date of restocking, but frequently offers console-only or bundles in weekly intervals. Check GameStop's Twitter account for updates. Speculations say that GameStop restocks during Wednesdays.

Price: $499

Check-out GameStop for the PS5 Restock Update this June

Sony Direct Website

Availability: Currently sold-out, Unknown date of restocking. Sony Direct's website offers a restock of the consoles during Wednesdays, so it is best to monitor the online store of the company for a chance to buy the PlayStation

Price: $499

Check-out Sony Direct for the PS5 Restock Update this June


Availability: Currently unavailable, Unknown date of restocking (no confirmation), but is known to have a frequent update for availability. Thursday is the day Target is known to restock the console, so it is best to monitor it on the said day.

Price: $499

Check-out Target for the PS5 Restock Update this June

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