Elon Musk and Population Collapse
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The Anonymous hacktivist group and Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, continues feud on Twitter as the latter finally responds to the threat the hackers have given out earlier this week.

Elon Musk is probably one of the most famous CEOs in the market today because of his passion for technology and innovation. However, most people are fascinated by Musk and his carefree spirit as he always tweets anything he feels like tweeting.

Just by looking into his Twitter account, he seems so relatable despite his wealth.

Nevertheless, his "cavalier" attitude, as stated by the Anonymous hacking group in their video, seems to get in the way of ordinary people.

The Tesla founder has been tweeting -- or trolling -- non-stop on Twitter regarding Bitcoin. The CEO used to be a fan of the specific crypto market, but he started to divert his attention to another cryptocurrency: Dogecoin.

In the first week of June, the Anonymous hacking group released a video for Elon Musk. However, Musk seems unfazed as he continues tweeting memes and emojis on Bitcoin, and the alleged hacking threat.

Two Laughing Emojis

In a video released by the hacking group, they mentioned that Elon Musk's tweets affected Bitcoin's value. The CEO's rowdy tweets are allegedly destroying lives.

After being threatened, Musk brushed off the threats about him by the infamous global hacking group by tweeting two laughing-crying emojis. He also acknowledged a parody video on the group's original clip, which could intensify their feud.

In the mock video, the masked representative stated that Tesla is worthless, and that investors must run and not walk away from the company. They should sell everything now or lose everything later.

 In another tweet by Dave Lee, he stated that he debunked all of the 11 claims that the Anonymous mentioned in their video for Musk, to which Musk replied with "Well said, Dave!"

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'Anonymous' Hacking Group's Claims

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, is under fire because of the Anonymous hacktivist's claims about his personality.

According to the Independent, the group stated that Musk's cavalier tweets are clear indications of the CEO's disregard for the regular working person. He has been tweeting memes about the cryptocurrency's steep dive in terms of value, and Musk seems to be enjoying it.

Anonymous added that Musk's carefully made public image is slowly being exposed -- the people are starting to see him as nothing more than just another narcissistic wealthy guy who desperately wants attention.

The group also stated that the games Musk has been playing with the crypto markets have already destroyed lives. Millions of retail investors were also counting on their crypto gains for their lives' improvement, but Musk seems to take that for granted.

The video also includes other reasons behind their distrust against Musk, such as the intolerable conditions that Tesla workers had to endure, and the CEO's alleged use of child labor for finding lithium for Tesla cars' batteries.

How the 'Anonymous' Video Affect Elon Musk

Tesla is a reasonably stable company, but the hacking group's recent allegations toward Elon Musk seem to be pushed to the side as the company's share price increased by 3% ever since the video went live.

Instead of getting hate all over the internet, the Tesla CEO received support and love from his supporters. The hashtag #WeLoveYouElon even trended on Twitter amidst the allegations thrown at him.

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