Elon Musk has confirmed that SpaceX will soon use the Starship rockets to bring Starlink satellites in orbit and conduct its future missions. This will replace the current usage of Falcon 9 in the missions of SpaceX to add more satellites for the constellations that would serve as internet connections. Falcon 9 has brought a massive array of Starlink satellites in the past and has served as its mainstay rocket.

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Starlink SN15 Starship rocket

However, all good things come to an end, and even so for incredible spacecraft like the Falcon 9, soon to be replaced by the Stainless Steel rocket ship which would soon be intended for its Mars journey. Recently, the Falcon 9 made history for SpaceX and the space industry after flying its 100th consecutive flight, featuring one of the bests in reusable rocket history.

This follows the massive plans for Starship, particularly the SN15 rocket ship which has landed successfully last May, in SpaceX's Boca Chica launch facility in Texas. The success of the SN15 and Starship project has moved it up for its awaited "Full Stack" test flights and landing maneuvers which would be done with the Super Heavy Rocket at its base.

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Elon Musk: SpaceX to Use Starship for Starlink

Starlink satellite
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Musk was recently asked by a fan via Twitter (@elonmusk), asking if SpaceX would soon use the Starship for launching Starlink satellites in the air and replace the long-used Falcon 9. The SpaceX CEO answered this with all honesty and revealed to the fan and the world that it would soon shift to using the Starship for Starlink's ventures.

The internet satellite up in the air are already nearing its 1,800 counts, and the company will not stop there as it aims to improve its coverage and service for internet connections.

What this revelation shows is that SpaceX is ready for the next generation of its spacecraft to take over the business, and bring the future for the company.

It is known that SpaceX and Musk plan to have an ocean spaceport called "Deimos," which would serve as the launch facility for the Starship and Super Heavy for its soon missions.

Good Bye Falcon 9?

While there were no words regarding Falcon 9 retiring or soon getting its upgrade, it seems so that the company would use the reusable rocket for less than its current track record today. This follows the plans in going to Mars, which is the company's next goal and aspiration in reaching, to make humans a multi-planetary species.

Falcon 9's Launch for Sirius XM
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Falcon 9 has brought a lot of great moments for SpaceX, and it became one of the mainstay rockets of the company, even those missions that were curated or had dealt with private companies, NASA, and other nations.

Moreover, the schedule or timeline of Starship's first launch with the Starlink satellites is still unknown, and for the time being, it would still be Falcon to bring these internet satellites.

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