Xbox Fridge... It started as a joke, and it seems like Microsoft is running away with it like it's a normal thing to do.

At the tail end of their E3 2021 presentation, Microsoft officially announced an actual mini fridge with Xbox branding, aptly named the Xbox Fridge, as reported by CNET. There's no exact release date yet, but it's slated to hit the market during this year's Holiday season.

The clamor for the mini-refrigerator actually started as a joke because a lot of gamers said that the Xbox Series X console looked like one. And according to a video Tweeted by the official Xbox Twitter page, it does look exactly like a Series X system.

The Xbox Fridge was Microsoft's "one more thing" for their E3 2021 presentation, which is in keeping with a lot of other exhibitors doing major, last-minute reveals of secret projects. And if the promo video is to be believed, the Xbox Fridge is capable of storing over a handful of cans of energy drinks. Likely a 12-pack of soda. 

While Xbox didn't really lean into the joke at first, they decided to take a serious crack at designing the Xbox Fridge after winning a Twitter brand contest, according to Engadget. And since the mini-fridge has been officially announced, it's safe to say that the brand contest was a rousing victory.

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Xbox Fridge: Not the First 'Gaming' Kitchen Appliance

Despite its rather humorous origin, the Xbox Fridge is actually a very viable product if you look at it closely. Gamers are a very brand-oriented market, and they'd like to represent the brands that they prefer whenever they can. And considering that energy drinks are part of the stereotypical "gamer diet," the Xbox Fridge makes some commercial sense.

Another gaming company has already seen this coming, and their product also started as a joke. Fans of the gaming peripheral maker Razer have been asking the company to make a Razer Toaster because, frankly, they think it's funny. But then, Razer actually took the leap and is currently designing the toaster itself.

Perhaps they didn't really have a choice because demand for this thing was sky-high. According to PCGamer, a dedicated Facebook page for the product already had over 1 million likes before Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan broke the news out. Aside from that, 12 people've had the toaster tattooed on themselves.

Here's another thing: there's already an Xbox Fridge, and that one was full-sized. Back when the Xbox Series X launched, Microsoft capitalized early on the fridge jokes and made a six-foot-tall, full-size refrigerator that's a 1:1 replica of a Series X console.

Xbox fridge full size
(Photo : Xbox )

But this one wasn't made available to the general public. In fact, it was given away to winners of an online contest as part of the marketing campaign for Series X. According to The Verge, one of the owners is the rapper Snoop Dogg, who's been a self-confessed avid Xbox fan for years.

E3 2021 is just full of surprises.

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