Apple Stores are no longer requiring the wearing of face masks when browsing or visiting their physical locations for fully vaccinated people against COVID-19. This means that people with vaccines are entitled to take a breather from their masks when inside an Apple Store, but may necessarily be required upon their exit and back to other places that have restrictions. 

Apple No Longer Require Face Masks in Stores

Businesses Continue To Reopen As Lockdown Measures Ease
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BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 11: A young woman wearing a surgical mask, who said she did not mind being photographed, waits to enter the Berlin Apple store on the first day the store reopened since March during the coronavirus crisis on May 11, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Businesses across Germany are reopening as state authorities ease lockdown measures.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been more than a year since it has prevented people from going out, not to mention the health protocols that have required the use of face masks in public places. Apple has been one of the companies that have required the use of face masks for its employees first, before maintaining a strict rule among all visitors. 

Despite the kicking online stores and showcases of Apple, with the likes of April's Spring Loaded event and June's WWDC 2021, seeing a gadget first-hand may provide a different feel to it. Moreover, some discounts may only be available in a physical store or retailer compared to the official online stores. COVID-19 is nearing to draw its end, especially with vaccines distributing to lower age eligibilities

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With that being said, Bloomberg's recent report said that Apple is no longer requiring the use of face masks inside their physical stores. The requirement would be gone a week from now, meaning that it would only allow it next week, as restrictions are easing down in the states and the country. This is due to the vaccination campaign that is near finished in administering to most adults. 

Are Apple Stores COVID-free?

Face Masks
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Apple Stores and the world would not be COVID-19 free amidst this mass vaccination amongst most adults in the country, and even in global settings. The world would have to live with COVID-19 being a virus that is out there, and the only thing to do is defend against it with vaccine immunization or soon to be developed drugs that would expel it.

In the recent study by the CDC and Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (as reported by Tech Times), there were no significant differences or effects that show masking to prevent the spread of the virus. This means that even in masking up, there is a shadow of a doubt that casts over it.

However, it still is something to protect people from inhaling or catching the virus on the open areas of the body like the nose and mouth. And while studies like these exist, the use of face masks has also led to lower cases in several countries outside of the US. 

Nonetheless, Apple is only one of the many companies that have "re-opened" its doors to normalcy, without the requirement of face masks for fully vaccinated people, even in a public place such as its stores. 

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