Sony PlayStation VR for PS5 to Release in 2022 - Better Gaming Experience
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In the near future, the world of gaming will shift into a new era. The industry will enjoy an overflow of virtual reality, and Sony is already starting to adapt to the ever-changing trend in the tech field.

Sony recently released its PlayStation 5, which has been received excellently by players. And with their steady supply of first and third-party games, console enthusiasts are thrilled now more than ever.

With the momentum that the company has, Sony seems interested to move to more extraordinary lengths. Soon, the company will provide users with the latest era of VR gaming as it seems like the gaming giantbis moving ahead and gearing up for a PS5 VR headset.

Sony PlayStation VR

According to a report by Droid News, Sony's PlayStation VR for the PS4 had a huge success, selling approximately 5 million headsets in 2020. 

Despite being overshadowed by PS4's enormous sales, it seems like 2022 will be an excellent year to release another version of the Sony Playstation VR that will provide a fantastic gaming experience to PS5 players.

Bloomberg stated that Sony is looking to launch the next-generation version of its PlayStation VR. The report mentioned that the release would have most likely in the holiday period of 2022, welcoming 2023 with a bang.

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Should Fans Be Excited for Sony PlayStation VR - PS5 Next-Gen?

At first, VR technology did not yield the best positive result. However, 2020 made VR seem more promising, thanks to the release of "Half-Life: Alyx."

Until 2021, its release is still considered one of the most defining moments of VR technology, and it seems like developers and tech giants only started to scratch the surface.

PlayStation VR for Sony's PS4 was received pretty well by fans and critics alike, agreeing that the VR headset was a beautiful addition to their PS4 console-setup. It's no surprise that many are excited for the next-gen VR set.

However, there are still no details regarding PS5 PlayStation VR's price and design.

According to a report by VG247, the VR headset will feature OLED panels. It is the same panel as the original PlayStation VR for PS4.

Sony PlayStation VR's Controller

Droid News also reported that the company already released a teaser of the PlayStation VR controller for PS5.

So far, enthusiasts and critics find the new design more impressive than the previous VR for PS4. The controller has a gauntlet-like layout that seems to be more responsive and tactile. It also resembles the original PS3's move-like controllers, making fans all the more excited to get their hands on the VR.

Players can still pair their original PlayStation VR with their new PS5, which means that they won't have to buy the new VR for PS5 to enjoy an exceptional gaming experience. 

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