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Greenroom, Spotify's very own live audio app, was formally launched on June 16 on iOS and Android, marking Spotify's first real attempt at creating a social media platform.

The social audio app, which has similar features to Clubhouse, allows the users to host live conversations about music, sports, and culture.

Spotify's Greenroom Launched

The launch does not come with any major announcement or any specific event. Instead, Spotify is taking the opportunity to encourage people to sign up to the platform and explore the app.

Some of the app's main functionality will make its way to the actual Spotify app, so the team will monitor what happens in Greenroom closely, according to The Verge.

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The Greenroom app was created on Locker Room, software built by Betty Labs. The app focused on sports content, so users who have been logged on since the beginning will soon see more than just sports talk.

Other noticeable changes to the app are visual. It now has a Spotify color scheme of green-and-black, and it now has a new logo and font. As for its function also now features native recording, which lets users save their shows and distribute them as podcasts.

Users can sign up with their Spotify login, although it is not required to use the app. The initial signup flow will also allow the users to select their interest from a wider range of topics, such as sports teams and music.

Also, Spotify announced a creator fund, but not much detail has been posted. People on the app will be paid based on how popular their rooms are and their engagement in them, and exclusive deals with creators are also in the works, with announcements likely to come later this year.

However, it is not clear how much money Spotify will dedicate to get creators to the app, but users who are interested can sign up to Spotify's platform to know more.

Social audio was one of the features that thrived in 2020. This started when Clubhouse launched, and the other companies followed.

Twitter has since launched Spaces, Facebook introduced Live Rooms, and Slack, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Discord have started creating similar features.

Other Spotify Features

Aside from the launch of Greenroom, Spotify also introduced a feature called Only You. It showcases some of the user's music choices and habits in a colored graphic, and it has links that make it easier to share on social media. The interactive feature highlights the user's unique artists pairings, listening habits, genre combinations, and more.

As part of the feature, users can also select three artists for "Your Dream Dinner Party", and Spotify will create a personalized mix for each user's "guest" to set the mood for the hypothetical event, according to USA Today.

As for astrology lovers, the feature also has "Your Audio Birth Chart," where the Sun sign shows the user's most listened to artist in the last six months, the Moon sign features artists that show the user's emotional or vulnerable side, and the Rising sign shows an artists that the user has recently connected with.

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