Spotify continues to widen and improve its podcast services for its users. The streaming company has announced its acquisition of podcast discovery platform Podz. 

In a statement published on its official website, the streaming company described Podz as "a small, talented team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers." The acquisition is set to make Spotify's personalized podcast services "even better." 

Spotify aims to launch the updates resulting from the acquisition later this year.

Spotify's New Acquisition: A Background on Podz

According to TechCrunch, Podz is a startup company backed by investors such as Paris Hilton and Katie Couric. It aims to solve podcast listeners' woes when it comes to podcast discovery. 

Podz's main feature and selling point is its "first audio newsfeed" that lets users browse one-minute long podcast highlight clips. These clips are meant to be standalone clips, but users have the option to listen to the full episode of a podcast later. 

Spotify believes that the machine learning technology used by the Podz app, which will be incorporated into the Spotify app, complements the company's efforts to make it "easier for listeners to find content they want to listen to." 

As for podcast creators, Spotify aims to make it easier for podcasters' content to be discovered on the platform.

Spotify Continues to Grow Its Podcast Service

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Podz is not Spotify's first podcast acquisition and it certainly won't be the last as the streaming giant continues to elevate the podcasting experience for their users. 

In March, the company revealed that it had acquired Betty Labs, the owner of a live audio app called Locker Room, and teased a new live audio experience for Spotify users. The new live audio experience turned out to be Spotify Greenroom, which was announced June 16 and is seen as Spotify's answer to Greenroom.

Other updates and features that Spotify has recently include an auto-transcribe feature for podcasts and offline music and podcast listening for users with Apple Watch

Spotify is home to 2.6 million podcasts, including "The Joe Rogan Experience," which is hosted by comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, advice and comedy podcast "Call Her Daddy," and investigative journalism show "In the Dark."

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The Podcast Battle

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Spotify has dived deep into podcasting and boasts of a highly personalized experience for its users. It has since, however, found stiff competition and a growing one at that. 

Apple, in particular, has been focusing seriously on its podcast service as well, formally launching its podcast subscription on June 15. When a user avails of a subscription to the service, the podcasting experience will include access to exclusive titles and ad-free listening. 

Social media giant Facebook is also set to join the fray with its podcast tool scheduled for launch on June 22. Facebook's podcast service will include a feature that lets users share clips of their favorite podcasts to share with their network.

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