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A Twitch streamer and her family have been saved from a robbery incident in South Africa by a fellow gamer while playing "Call of Duty: Warzone". 

According to Comic Book, Jaco Viljoen was in the middle of playing "Call of Duty Warzone" with friend Sterna Lewis, who goes by the name MissBandiit on Twitch, and her husband Mario Engelbrecht when he noticed that the two had gone silent. 

A concerned Viljoen, who lives in the same estate as the couple in Centurion, asked for security to come with him to check on Lewis and Engelbrecht at their home. 

Upon hearing unfamiliar voices inside the house, Viljoen instructed the security to call the police. 

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Twitch Streamer Narrates Robbery Incident

Twitch streaming Safety Advisory Council
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Twitch created a Safety Advisory Council recently, but one of them drew ire almost immediately.

Twitch Streamer Lewis was interviewed by South African outlet Pretoria Rekord regarding the ordeal. 

Lewis narrated how she and her husband were in the middle of a Twitch stream when three men barged into the house. One of the men was armed. After begging for the lives of their children, the couple was told to lie on the ground before the children, who are only 12 and 9 years of age, were brought into the room. 

"My eldest son, who is 12, was quite shocked when he saw us lying on the ground because he thought they had killed us," she said. 

Her husband's face was then covered and his hands and feet were bound together. As for Lewis and the children, their hands were tied with shoelaces. The robbers went on to ransack the home and began loading her car with the stolen valuables while one kept guard over their captives. 

Robbers Flee From Home

Upon hearing the arrival of the police, the three men hurriedly fled the home. They only managed to take two watches, two phones and car keys with them in their escape.

Engelbrecht was able to recover his phone and car keys after the incident. 

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Other Twitch Incidents That Involve Police

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Sterna Lewis and her family being saved from a group of robbers thanks to a Twitch stream is not the only Twitch-related incident to ever happen that involves the police. 

Just last month, Twitch streamer Alinity has filed a police report against fans who have been showing up at her home. Fans, whom she described as "creepy" suddenly appeared outside her door, leading the streamer to contact the police. 

Alinity, whose real name is Natalia Mogollon, was also involved in another police-related incident last year. This time around, she found herself in the middle of a police investigation after people alleged she was neglecting her dogs because of her streaming. Alinity eventually admitted that she thought of commiting suicide due to all the online abuse she was receiving.

In March, Twitch released the company's 2020 Transparency Report, which listed 38 Twitch-related police cases that have been filed. These cases usually involve cases of violence on the platform, which audiences and users have reported to the police. 

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