Volocopter's VoloCity Flying Taxi Will Welcome the 2024 Olympics | Specs and Details
(Photo : Volocopter / Twitter) The flying taxi will be welcomed during the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The VoloCity eVTOL will be just in time for the Paris 2024 Olympics when Volocopter plans to unveil it for the masses.

Plans for VoloCity

The 18-rotor flying taxi drone has recently completed its test flight of over 500 meters in France, said sources from Mashable. The flying taxi's creator, Volocopter, has plans on debuting the futuristic air transportation three years from now, coinciding with the Olympics.

When being used, the VoloCity air taxi does not have any emission and can travel as quietly as it can.

It has the ability to connect to transport hubs like airports, stations, and even rooftops of buildings. The VoloCity has only two seats for now, and contains a whopping 18 rotors to keep the air taxi in the sky.

The company's CEO Florian Reuter told Reuters, "The clear intention for Paris 2024, the objective is to actually have a regular service in operation, that's a challenge."

Key Features of VoloCity

VoloCity stated on its website labeling it as "extremely safe," as it contains multiple systems that ensure the smooth travel of the pilot and passenger. Besides the relative safety ensured for its airfarers, it is also very quiet. So quiet in fact that it's said that it is four times more quiet than your traditional helicopter.


With how the VoloCity travels, it no longer requires fuel but can be maintained by batteries, which only need a charging port tailored for all units in future service. The air taxi has over 100 microprocessors that can monitor and control altitude, balance, landing, and more to keep you relaxed the entire time.

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Test Flight Success

The air taxi dubbed Volocopter 2X was remotely operated and traveled for 18mph. The location of the test was in France, and it was able to fly a route of 1,640-foot, which took a total of three minutes for the flight to be over.

As soon as the test was completed, the company will now move to Pontoise-Comreilles-en-Vexin just outside of Paris where mobility companies like RE.Invent built a sandbox for a fully functioning vertiport to allow tests for take off and landing.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency or EASA has said that Paris is the most suitable European city for the eVTOL to function. There are a lot companies that are working hard to create a UAM system in the region for the eVTOL to function as planned, such as Choose Paris Region, Groupe ADP, and RATP Group.

The Deputy CEO of Groupe ADP said in a statement, "Volocopter is a vivid example of what the futures of aviation could look like, both carbon-free and innovative. Volocopter is now ready to enter a first test flight campaign by September on the Pontoise airfield sandbox we have been building up in the past months."

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