"Genshin Impact" has a challenge where gamers need to answer Paimon's Quiz, in the event called "A Thousand Questions with Paimon," and it brings a lot of confusion, especially to newbies. 

What is good about this event is that users need not be gamers of "Genshin Impact" to join, and only needs a web browser and a miHoYo account to participate. This web event is on a limited time frame as well.

'Genshin Impact' 'A Thousand Questions with Paimon'

Genshin Impact 'A Thousand Questions with Paimon'
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"Genshin Impact" is highly associated with its cute and cuddle mascot, the mystical Paimon. A web event was announced by the game developers, which would focus more on its availability for everyone to enjoy, instead of keeping it exclusive for the game. 

Note that this is a limited event only, and it would only last until Sunday. The schedule of the online miHoYo quiz with Paimon began last Friday, June 25, and would only be live until Sunday, June 27 at 11:59:59 (local time).

The web event can be answered here and would have a daily quota of answered items, which could reward up to 50,000 Mora, depending on the level of difficulty of the questions, and count.

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Paimon Answers for miHoYo's Event

Genshin Impact Version 1.6
(Photo : miHoYo)
  • QUESTION: Which of the items cannot be converted using the Parametric Transformer?

A: Spirit Locket of Boreas cannot be converted using the Parametric Transformer

  • QUESTION: Which of the following items cannot appear when you destroy a chunk of amber on Mt. Hulao?

A: Players won't get Mint from a chunk of amber

  • QUESTION: Which of the statements about the Sacrificial Bow is true?

A: Elemental Skill must deal damage for the Sacrificial Bow to have a chance of resetting it.

  • QUESTION: The pet Qiqi would like to have is:

A: Qiqi wants a Finch as her pet

  • QUESTION: Beidou's fleet is called

A: The Crux Fleet

  • QUESTION: How many types of Hydro Mimics the Oceanid can summon?

A: The Oceanid can create eight types of Hydro Mimics

  • QUESTION: Which of the Fatui Harbingers is Tartaglia/Childe?

A: Childe is The Eleventh Fatui Harbinger

  • QUESTION: Protective Canopy provides 15% resistatnce against all elements to all party members.

A: True

  • QUESTION: What is the load limit of Wind Catcher?

A: Wind Catcher can have a maximum of 5 loads

  • QUESTION: Which of the statements is true about Dragon's Bane?

A: The secondary stat is Elemental Mastery, which can increase the damage dealt by elemental reactions.

  • QUESTION: How many Ley Line challenges exist in Mondstadt and Liyue at a time?

A: 4 Ley Lines can co-exist at a time in Mondstadt and Liyue

  • QUESTION: What does Lupical mean?

A: Family

  • QUESTION: Wangshu Inn's cat is called

A: Wei

  • QUESTION: Which statement is true about the Serpent Spine?

A: Damage stats will not reset if the character leaves the field

  • QUESTION: Which of these is not the name of a hilichurl tribe in Dadaupa Gorge?

A: Ricer

  • QUESTION: Which one of the following are not available in the Archive? (more or less)

A: Data about Wind Gliders are not stored in the Archive

  • QUESTION: Which of the animals did not appear in "The Boar Princess"?

A: Rabbit

  • QUESTION: Which character gives a bonus for forging whiteblind

A: Diluc refunds 15% of the ores used when crafting Claymores.

  • QUESTION: Which of the following materials can't be dropped by a Primo Geovishap?

A: Primo Geovishap doesn't drop Vayuda stones.

  • QUESTION: How many elements make-up the continent of Teyvat?

A: They've 7 nations corresponding to 7 elements

  • QUESTION: Diluc used to be Knights of Favonius' ?

A: Cavalry Captain

Are There Prizes for this In-Game?

The event's questions are somehow technical and leaning more into the lore of "Genshin Impact," relating to updates from the very first, and may include hints for 1.7 leaks

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