Tour de France 2021: 'Digital Twin' Bring Race Real Time
(Photo : Pexels) Here's how the Tour de France 2021 is planning on bringing the race to the world through the "digital twin."

"Digital Twin" is the solution for millions of people who want to follow the Tour de France 2021 this June 26, Saturday.

What Does 'Digital Twin' Mean?

To begin understanding what it means, let's start with the company who created the idea.

According to TechRadar, NTT has been the official technology partner  of the Amaury Sport Organisation or ASO since 2015. They offer real-time data from the race using various broadcasters, digital channels, and now the so-called "digital twin."

With the use of IoT sensors, networks, edge compute, mapped sensors, and geo-location models of the stages of the tour, it makes it possible for people to oversee the entirety of the race in real-time, which then coined the term, digital twin.

Not only that, but there is also a COVID-19 contact tracing, and real-time updates of the race and each arrival times. NCC says that the race is the largest connected stadium in the world that moves around France for the entire three weeks.

How Does 'Digital Twin' Work?

There are small sensors mounted below the rider's saddle that provides real-time data on the location and speed of each participant with an impressive 400 millisecond time gap. The data is then transferred over to a live mesh-network with the use of gateways on every vehicle that follows the race called the "Big Data Truck."

The Big Data Truck consists of motorcycles, vans, trucks, helicopters, and all manner of vehicles that can follow the race closely.

The data then transmits over to the NTT cloud platform that has 53 calculated attributes, like weather data, group calculations, time gaps, course gradient, and much more.

After all of that, the data then shows up as the "digital twin" of the entire event straight to the fans' screens. All the key information and relevant data are shown to keep track of the race event, creating the image that you're actually there in the race itself as a bystander despite not being able to physically be there due to the pandemic.

Peter Gray, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology Group, Sport at NTT Ltd. said, "Every year we have been able to take the technology to the next level, this year we are creating what is essentially a digital twin of the event."

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Tour de France 2021 Information

As per NBC Sports, Tour de France 2021 has a total of 21 stages that covers three weeks of challenges and thousands of miles with over 184 cyclists. The participants will challenge and push themselves to the limits of human endurance that will be broadcasted to the entire world. 

At the end of the journey, the winner of the race would be given The Yellow Jersey as tradition requires. Then the champion would be named Champs-Élysées which then grants him/her the opportunity to tackle the toughest trials of the year.

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