Microsoft's Windows 11 has the new retouches that it recently adopted on its latest update. A few changes have been foreign to many from the new look of the start button to the design of the settings.

Users could now explore its difference compared to its previous version. Various improvements came out which would help people especially the gamers in their gaming experience. Other than that, a fresh configuration setup leads to a smoother touchscreen control so you could easily scroll on your PC.

In some cases, some individuals utilize the software if they want to watch movies or stream videos online. The preference over Windows sometimes depends on the company. If the company is inclined to use specific windows, the employee would adopt its usage right away despite having many alternative operating systems.

Microsoft Launches New Changes in Windows 11

Microsoft Launches New Changes for Windows 11--Start Button, Settings, Refresh Rate and MORE
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Here are the seven changes that you will notice for the new Windows 11.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the few developments that took place in its OS. People tested the new software build in the Windows Insider Program. With that, they could test the notable changes in the platform.

CNET reported on Tuesday, June 29 that some of the features included in the new Windows OS are its mac-like UI, Xbox gaming technology, improved virtual desktop support, and more.

If you are curious about what it can do, you can access its settings in your Windows 10 and look for the Windows Insider Program. Although the software is experiencing many issues at the moment, you can continue testing how will it fare on your PC.;

For those who want to keep away from glitches, we recommend avoiding upgrading your OS. According to the Redmond giant, the implementations in the windows platform will happen yearly. More features are expected to come during the period.

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Key Changes in the New Windows 11

From a report by CNBC, there are seven changes which you can notice about the teased Windows 11. Here they are:

Start Button

Previously, the start button was located on the right side of the screen. With the new change in Microsoft's OS, it is now moved to the center together with the desktop icons. At first, users will have a hard time adjusting to its position.

On the bright side, some people can manage to easily adapt from it, especially those who have wide monitors on their PCs. For people who want to use it in its old version, go to the Settings and look for the Taskbar. You can now relocate the Start button to its original position.

Start Menu

The most obvious change that you can see here is the placement of Pinned programs in the menu. You might find this to be awkward so you could revert to the usual position of the programs. To do that, have a quick screen grab of your desktop and use it as a basis to arrange your programs later when you upgrade your windows to its latest version.


You can now observe the addition of widgets to the Settings app. While this look could appear foreign to Windows 10 users, you could simply select one of the six wallpapers for your desktop. Apart from that, there is an option where you can summon your old windows setup.


The Windows 11 keyboard will now allow you to use several features like GIFs, custom themes, emojis, word suggestions, and more. However, it's noteworthy to recall that on Windows 10 keyboard you could use a specialized number keypad. This time, it will be different.

Refresh Rate

What's good with the new Windows 11 is you can save a lot of battery life especially if you are a laptop person. With the arrival of a dynamic refresh rate, your gaming and image processing experience will be improved.

The downside of this change is the rapid battery drain that your laptop can experience. 

Touch Gestures 

Windows 11 will permit you to enjoy the touchscreen controls for smooth swiping on-screen. Those who are fond of using the iPad can finally catch up with the feature using the new OS. These complete touch gestures will help you manage to access applications and switch them with ease.

Sets of Windows 

Do you want to open two windows at once? It's now possible thanks to the recent changes in Windows 11. You can now systematically organize your desktop while accessing more than two windows. 

There are options there that you can try for this implementation. You can head to the taskbar and begin modifying your windows. The task is simple by clicking the X button.

Windows 10 Release Date

Windows 10 users have been waiting for this, and it's only a few months away before it launches. We could expect that Windows 11 will arrive in October this year. It will support CPUs including Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm.

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