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Genshin Report claims that Genshin Impact will have a cross-save feature for update 2.0.

Cross-Save Rumor

It started on Twitter when an account named Genshin Report claims that there will be a cross-save feature currently under development on the wildly successful miHoYo's feature game. As reported by GamesRadar, it adds that besides the cross-save rumor, there is also talk about an up and coming 2.0 update for Genshin Impact that will debut.

If the rumor is real, the new feature could allow players to play on any of the platforms that they choose with ease. Regardless if you own a PC, Android phone, iPhone, PS4, and PS5.

As of right now, there is no way for you to transfer any of your characters and saved profiles. Your Adventure Rank, as well as any of the progress that you currently have between platforms. You will be unable to play your game from any other platform besides the one you are using to play your character.

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Possible Timeframe

The tweet from Genshin Report says that Genshin Impact's possible release for the Nintendo Switch version might come sooner rather than later. However, developer miHoYo has yet to release any official announcement regarding the official release date for Nintendo's console. Judging if the source is indeed credible, however, the possible release will coincide with the new Genshin Impact 2.0 update that could release together with the cross-save feature that people have wanted for a very long time. 

As of now, the current version of the game is still at 1.6, which brings us ever closer to the 2.0 update. The Nintendo Switch isn't the only platform launch for Genshin Impact as Epic Games Store released their version on June 9, the same day of the 1.6 update. For now, we only need to wait for more news about the cross-save feature as there are still three more updates until 2.0 arrives.

Latest News on 1.6 Update

Genshin Impact introduced its latest update called the Midsummer Island Adventure story event. Coming with the update, a new hero is added as well named Kaedehara Kazuha. Kazuha is an Anemo-wielding swordsman that has players eager for anticipation. The new hero is said to play an integral part in the main story arc of the update. He focuses on fast-paced strikes on his opponent.

Unlike his other Anemo characters, he uses a large AoE attack using his blade. Anemo characters usually don't have a high damage output. And are often used as a catalyst for other elements. Kazuya is heavily inspired by Japanese culture and a priority pick for the anticipated island nation of Inazuma. 

There are now a total of 34 characters to collect and use within the game. Kazuha can sync with an entire team built around him, and his 5-star attributes make him a strong swordsman.

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