The "right to repair" rules will soon be a draft that would be done under President Joe Biden's order to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), aiming to support local businesses and farmers. 

What this would do is oppose the Big Tech companies which do not allow people to do self-repairs on several devices, and want it to be brought to the service center. 

There have been a lot of movement to support this advocacy, and in 2016, a movement called "The Repair Association," took on the DMCA to go against this, but has not fully succeeded in the venture. 

'Right to Repair' Rules by Biden to the FTC

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Microsoft Surface Duo Teardown simple hinge

Everyone can repair different devices like smartwatches, smartphones, consoles, and even mechanical equipment like tractors and cars, as long as they deem it to be. 

However, the legal right to repair these are not yet existent. Manufacturers do not want to share several resources like parts, methods, and the like to the public to tweak it on their own. 

This is what President Biden and his administration want to change, and has now ordered the FTC to focus on drafting several rules and regulations for Big Tech companies to observe this. In a White House briefing earlier today, it was revealed that the government is working on it, and it would give people the right to repair it "how they like."

The main proponents of the "right to repair" rules would be farmers, especially when focusing on farming equipment like tractors, water pumps, and the like. This would go against Big Tech giants that are known for opposing this movement with Apple in the lead, accompanied by known labor equipment manufacturers Caterpillar and John Deere. 

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What is the Right to Repair?

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According to Engadget, the "Right to Repair" law would help local businesses and individuals flourish on their own, without the need to bring it to repair or warranty centers. 

Additionally, local repair shops would also benefit from this, especially as they would be able to purchase parts and equipment needed for the repair, without the need for its manufacturer's help. 

This regulation is not yet existing because Big Tech companies have fought against it, with the concept that people might do more harm than good when repairing the device themselves. 

How will Big Tech be Affected?

President Biden has been hands-on in different laws that would benefit the country and its residents, including the vaccination effort that he initially intended to be at 70 percent last July 4. Health views aside, Biden has focused on local businesses and individuals now, and this would empower or give them rights to tweak the products themselves.

One of the significant effects it would have on Big Tech is to allow users to repair products on their own, and sell special parts or divulge ways on how to repair them at home. 

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