TikTok is mostly known as a short video-sharing app and social media networking platform that people use primarily for entertainment. A new feature has just launched for the app that will make it more than just an entertainment platform. It can actually help you find a job. 

TikTok has just launched TikTok Resumes, a new feature which is designed to help users unsure of how to find a job with the help of the app. 

"With the rise of career and job-related creative content, TikTok believes there's an opportunity to bring more value to people's experience with TikTok by enhancing the utility of the platform as a channel for recruitment," the company said in an announcement posted on its official website. 

TikTok Resumes is seen as a way of expanding the app in terms of being a platform for recruitment and employment. #CareerTok is already a growing trend and subculture on the app and TikTok Resumes is seen as a way of making it easier for anyone who feels lost about how to find a job. 

According to Marketing Manager Kayla Dixon, TikTok Resumes is actually an extension of the company's college ambassadors program. Through this program, TikTok has been able to hire college students as brand representatives. 

TikTok Resumes: Which Companies are Part

TikTok has partnered with companies such as Target, Chipotle, Shopify, Contra, and WWE for TikTok Resumes. According to a report by Digital Trends, the number of partner companies has reached more than 30. 

Participating companies offer a wide range of job openings ranging from entry-level jobs to experienced positions. 

"We're humbled to be able to partner with some of the world's most admired and emerging brands," Global Head of Marketing Nick Tran said as part of the announcement. 

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How to Find a Job on TikTok Resumes

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TikTok Resumes can be accessed by users via #TikTokResumes on the app. A microsite is also available for those who wish to do their job hunting on a web browser. The user can then go through the available job listings. 

Once the user finds a job to apply for, he or she should then create a video resume using TikTok. Users should not forget to include the hashtag #TikTokResumes before submitting the application by clicking the "add the TikTok resume" button. 

Aside from browsing job listings and applying for jobs, TikTok Resume also lets users view examples of video resumes and profiles of TikTok creators who specialize in career-related content. 

According to the announcement, video resumes for U.S. job postings are being accepted by the pilot program until July 31, 2021.  

TikTok's Other New Features

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TikTok has been adding more features in the past few weeks and months that users can use when creating their content or communicating with fellow users. 

In March, TikTok officially added a Q&A feature that lets users submit questions instead of asking them in the comments section of the video posts. The app has also announced that it is testing a feature that lets content creators earn from personalized videos.

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