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The Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor has just been mysteriously removed from its own Chinese configurator. This means that the company will stop taking in new orders of the popular version of one of Tesla's most in demand EVs in China.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor

According to the story by Electrek, The Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor has now been the most consistent version of Tesla's very own best-selling sedan.

Although the automaker has been toying with a different "Standard Range" version that has then turned into the "Standard Range Plus," it has also previously offered a "Long Range RWD single motor" while the Tesla Model 3 Range Dual Motor reportedly stayed a stable of the whole Model 3 lineup.

This is why it is quite strange to see it directly disappear from Tesla's very own online configurator in China. This is an important market for the automaker.

The Tesla Model 3 online configurator in China is, as of the moment, only showing the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range as well as the Tesla Model 3 performance.

Tesla to Prioritize Model Y

This means that Tesla, as of the moment, is not taking any new orders for the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor. The automaker reportedly hasn't offered any explanation for the change just yet. Tesla reportedly had slow numbers in China as sales declined.

However, an obvious explanation would be that Tesla's own supply chain-constrained, and that it is prioritizing the Tesla Model Y. The Tesla Model Y also shares a number of parts with the motors and batteries along with the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla China Sales

Tesla had also just recently introduced a Standard Range version of the Tesla Model Y over in China, according to the story by Teslarati. This would then add a trim to the whole limited lineup for the Tesla electric SUV.

Despite other public image issues along with media reports over in China, the American automaker has reportedly been doing well in the market as of late.

According to the official China Passenger Car Association, Tesla has been able to produce a whopping 33,155 EVs in China in June. 

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Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Sales in China

This includes 11,623 Tesla Model Y SUVs as well as 21,532 Tesla Model 3 sedans. It was noted that 28,138 of those vehicles were reportedly sold in China. It was further said that another 5,017 were also exported to other different markets.

In other news, Elon Musk is reportedly going to build a new GigaFactory somewhere else in Asia.

China is reportedly starting to represent quite a significant part of Tesla's full global quarterly sales, along with the Tesla Model Y gaining massive popularity in the market. The more affordable Tesla Model Y Standard Range is also reportedly expected to boost sales. Deliveries, however, still aren't expected until some time next month.

As of the moment, it's hard to pinpoint why Tesla had decided to pull out its most popular Tesla Model 3 from the Chinese market.

More information, or maybe even an official announcement by the company, has to be released in order to confirm the reason behind its removal from the Chinese listing.

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