Samsung Exynos 2200 has been rumored for a while now, but this is perhaps the biggest leak out of everything. 

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According to a report by, the new Samsung Exynos 2200 chip will feature a 6-core GPU based on the current-generation RDNA2 architecture from AMD. That might not sound like much, but various claims say that it's strong enough to outpace the GPU of the Xbox One. 

Now, that's massive news, considering that the Xbox One is still considered a major AAA gaming platform.

The Samsung Exynos 2200 is designed to beat the current mobile top dog Snapdragon 895, and recent benchmark numbers seem to prove this. A report by GSMArena revealed that the new Exynos chip scored 8134 points in the 3DMark Wildlife test, which already far surpasses the previous-generation Snapdragon 888. 

Right now, the new Exynos chip is also ahead of Apple's current-gen A14 Bionic found in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which puts Samsung firmly in the lead for the next generation of smartphones. 

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Samsung Exynos 2200: Just How Fast, Really? 

The Xbox One might not have come close to the commercial success of the PlayStation 4, but it was still powerful enough to be able to run all the graphically demanding games of last gen. 

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MERSIN, TURKEY - DECEMBER 11: Controller Gamepad of Xbox Gaming Console is seen with XBox One logo in back of it, in Mersin, Turkey on December 11, 2019.

If the rumors about the Samsung Exynos 2200 are true, then that chip's graphics performance is astounding. Xbox One's GPU clocked in at 1.3 TFLOPs, but that's on the much-older architecture that resembled AMD's HD 7790 series.

In comparison, RDNA2 is a whole new beast. 

Here is a more "modern" comparison that can be made to judge the graphical horsepower of the upcoming Exynos chip. Recently, Valve announced their PC-based handheld console Steam Deck, which features an 8-core RDNA2 graphics engine.

The Samsung Exynos 2200 has 2 less cores, but it doesn't mean it's far below the ladder. 

The 2200 allegedly still features around 66% to 75% of the performance of the Steam Deck. And considering Valve's claims that their handheld could run any game you could run on a PC, then the answer is pretty obvious. 

When Is The New Exynos Chip Due? 

There's no concrete date from Samsung for now.

But according to Tom's Hardware, the chip is due out this year. However, smartphone users might have to wait until handsets get equipped with the hardware because the 2200 is apparently going to be installed on laptops first. 

Will This Mean A Mobile Gaming Renaissance? 

It would be best to hold off on expectations, but the implications of RDNA2's integration into mobile devices are astounding. It means that modern smartphones will deliver graphics on-par with a gaming console that's still considered last-gen. 

What this could also mean is that handheld PC consoles like the Steam Deck will have some stiff competition.

Why would you need to buy a $600 handheld when you could just get a smartphone that has more or less the same amount of graphical horsepower, which you can also use for something else other than playing games? 

These will be the most important questions moving forward. 

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