Virtual Weddings in New York were a massive hit during the early days of the pandemic, but are now not recognized by the state, and are requiring people's presence back on courtrooms. Zoom Weddings were observed and officiated by judges in several states, especially as lockdown restrictions have been strict in letting people out, even with matrimonial concerns. 

Zoom has been a massive name and video conferencing service since the start of the pandemic, and it has even pushed with its acquisition of real-time translation software for virtual meets. 

Virtual Weddings in New York Not Legal Anymore

Virtual Weddings
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Virtual Weddings in New York were canceled after its stint for more than a year now, coming from an executive order from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. The governor's disaster emergency executive order has allowed people since April 2020 to obtain marriage licenses and perform virtual ceremonies as officiated by either judges or priests. 

That is one of the features of the executive order, among other things, which had a massive need during 2020's lockdown, where COVID-19 was at its peak. As people were not allowed to go outside their homes, their lives were put on hold, but Cuomo and New York have allowed several things to go on and move forward despite this pandemic. 

However, as the restrictions have eased and vaccines were distributed to a large number of the US population (still not at 50 percent), this executive order is now lifted. 

People can now go to physical places and courtrooms to obtain licenses, and it would be better if they were already vaccinated so as not to get infected. 

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Should Virtual Weddings Be a Thing?

Virtual Weddings are a grey area for some but are still sacred and heartfelt for others. While some virtual weddings are held physically and only live stream the festivities to friends and supposed invited people, fully virtual ones like the lack of presence of a priest, officiant, and applying for a wedding license can not be observed anymore.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Performs Live Virtual Elvis-Themed Vow Renewals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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Elvis Presley impersonator and chapel co-owner Brendan Paul performs a live wedding vow renewal ceremony using the Zoom videoconferencing software for a couple from Texas.

People can still live stream their weddings to friends and family who cannot join the festivities if they fear transmission, but it needs to be in the presence of an actual judge, witnesses, and other requirements. 

Zoom for Weddings Soon? 

Zoom has been a massive avenue for online weddings and other virtual events like e-meets, reunions, work conference calls, and other needs. It has grown throughout the pandemic, mainly because of its free application that offers a seamless way to connect to the online world. 

Weddings held on Zoom may not be as heartfelt or legitimate as the physical ones, but the bonds shared by the bride and groom, or the LGBT community are the most important. It is up to leaders of different states or countries if Zoom weddings are allowed soon. 

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