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"Final Fantasy 14" game director Naoki Yoshida does not like people talking about the conversation of "Final Fantasy 14" beating "World of Warcraft."

Yoshida said that he finds it "honestly irritating" when people talk about the topic, and that without "World of Warcraft," there would be no "Final Fantasy 14" as it was its inspiration.

Naoki Yoshida Is Not Amused

Since the latest update of "World of Warcraft," which left a lot of players doing a mass exodus from Azeroth to Eorzea, people have been talking smack about "World of Warcraft," and that "Final Fantasy 14" is a way better game, as reported by GamesRadar

Earlier this month, the team at Square Enix hosted an epic 14-hour long Livestream.

The event wasn't translated to English as it was based entirely on Japanese audio. However, one fan put in the hard work to translate the video, and translated segments about the broadcast.

Naoki Yoshida, game director of the beloved "FF14" game, said, "Blizzard is definitely aware of this, but without World of Warcraft, A Realm Reborn wouldn't exist ... Our goal was to recreate a Final Fantasy version of WoW, so saying we won or lost to WoW is off-base to start with, because they were the game we aspired to be."

Yoshida continued on to say that surpassing "WoW" is the wrong conversation to be had, and he finds it "honestly irritating," as he's not the type of guy to brag.

If he was bragging about the game being the best, then it "wouldn't be loved by so many people."

The game director continued on, saying that the hard work that he and his team have put into "Final Fantasy 14" has indeed paid off.

Yoshida is famed for rebooting the failed first version of "FF14," on which he had to reboot the entire franchise, as per PCGamer

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'FF14' Recent Spike in Player Population

As we said earlier, "FF14" has seen a massive spike in player databases due to "World of Warcraft's" disappointing update, which ended in a cliffhanger. 

The population spike even went on to be as popular as the game's digital keys were sold out, which is unheard of in MMORPG games.

Yoshida was even surprised regarding the massive growth of the game as there are now over 47,000 concurrent players on Steam, which was previously only 41,000. 

Endwalker Expansion Incoming

Besides "WoW's" disappointing update, "FF14" is set to release the final expansion for the saga of The Hero of Light(you) in its epic conclusion, dubbed "Endwalker."

"Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker" will be released on November 23 for PC, PS4, and PS5. It is also the fourth major installment that has generated lots of hype and attention around the game.

The Hero of Light and the Scions march together into conflict against the Empire, one final time. They are promising to bring an end to a glorious saga, four expansions in the making.

As for now, we just have to wait for more news regarding "WoW," "FF14," and all other games right here on Tech Times.

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