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How to stream on Twitch is the first question if you're new to this platform. It shouldn't be that hard, though. Here's a complete beginners' guide to help you stream on Twitch as effectively as possible with the most basic tools.

Learn the basics of the popular streaming software, the best mics and webcams for streaming, and other technical rqeuirements necessary. 

Create a Twitch Account

You won't stream on Twitch if you are using it as an anon now, can't you? So first things first, create a Twitch account so you will be able to start building your content and interacting with potential fans and other Twitch streamers. All these, thanks to Restream.

If you plan on streaming through your PC or laptop, then you can click on sign up, and you're good to go. However, if you plan to stream through your phone, you would have to download either the Android or iOS Twitch app.

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How to Stream on Twitch: The Streaming Requirements

After creating an account, you'd need first to review the community guidelines and the legal section to be extra sure of what you can and can't do within the stream. An additional tip is also to bookmark the community guidelines if, in any case, you are unsure of what you're allowed to do and what you can't.

By reading the community guidelines, you'd be able to help keep your stream safe from potential copywrite issues Twitch streamers have gotten in the pastYou must enable the two-factor authentication feature for Twitch to stream. Otherwise, you can't stream without it.

Recommended Live Streaming Software

We can recommend three that are massively popular amongst the masses for software encoders and is overall easy-to-use once you get things going. 

OBS Studio

OBS Studio would be the top choice for the uninitiated as it is free, open-sourced, and has cross-platform capabilities. Learning on the OBS Studio may take some time, but once you get the hang of it, it will be one of the essential software you can use as a streamer.


XSplit is also a good solution for Twitch streamers. It is a paid service. However, you can try the free trial for a certain number of days. If you like what you see, then definitely invest in getting the paid service as it unlocks all its features.

Streamlabs OBS

Last on the list would be Steamlabs OBS; it has excellent features and can help you monetize your potential channel. However, it's only available on Windows. Same features from OBS Studio and Xsplit as it allows you to stream without concern.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

You wouldn't need to have the best and latest versions of CPUs or camera models to stream on Twitch as the platform itself does not yet support 4K. 

However, if you plan on broadcasting intensive tasks like video games, encoding, or 3D rendering, you should get a better CPU with specs that can handle the applications and the stream itself.

Here are the recommendations that we can provide to have a great stream:

  • CPU - Intel Core i5-10600K or AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  • GPU - GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or Radeon RX 570
  • OS - Windows or Mac

Minimum PC requirements - Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and an internet connection.

Helpful Tips Before Streaming

Plan Your Content

Make sure to get a good feel of what you would want to stream and be known. Focus on one niche and maybe expand once you have a broad fan base or think switching to another gig would have better results.

Also in terms of Twitch premium services the prices cost vary from country to country, so include that in how much you want to charge your subcribers as well if everything goes well.

Make Sure All Equipment is Working

As exciting it is to stream, you must first make sure that all the hardware and software you plan on using for the stream are already good to go. You wouldn't want to start streaming and then start fixing your setup while viewers or viewers pop up.

Once you have that all figured out, the next step is to start streaming yourself and learning as you go until you find the perfect streaming setup for you while you cater to the masses with your content. It starts slow, but once you find traction, it will be easier along the way.

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