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Xiaomi unveiled its new HyperCharge wireless charger that was featured in a demo earlier this year. It is now said to arrive sometime in June 2022, as recent news has been circulating.

The 200W HyperCharge will allow 0 to 100% wireless charging within just eight minutes.

Packed With Power

The Xiaomi HyperCharge has a 200W wireless charge capacity, which is yet to be seen on any of Xiaomi's competitors. It also boasts a power could charge a device from 0 to 100% with a battery of 4000 mAh.

As an example, HyperCharge can charge the 4000 mAh devices wired from 0 to 100% in only eight minutes.

If you want to go the wireless route, then it's going to be 15 mins worth of charging, which is not bad for a quick top-up of battery life that all your devices can use.

Below is a sample video that uses Xiaomi's MI 11 Pro to show just how fast it can charge with record time with no gimmicks or tricks. The video shows that it's still very much in the beta phase; however, the results can show just how fast it can be compared to other chargers that also boast quick charging.

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200W Charging Degrades Battery Life

The 200W HyperCharge sounds all well and good.

However, a recent study showed that their test unit used for charging had a 20% decrease in battery life. The decrease was noted after 800 cycles, but Xiaomi still said it will be about two or so years until you reach that number in charging cycles.

Chinese authorities demand a minimum of 60% after 400 cycles, which Xiaomi has far exceeded the required mark.

If you think the 20% decrease in battery life might deter you from getting the HyperCharge, you should think again since it is normal for battery life to decline over time, may it be a 5W charge for 5 to 6 hours or a 200W fast charging for only eight minutes.

All batteries tend to decline right after 800 cycles of charging, and that's normal for the technology we're using today.

All Hype or Truth?

When Xiaomi first demoed the HyperCharge, it was not meant for a commercial release for consumers but for promotion. However, new reports from GSMArena stated that it might be starting mass production next year.

The HyperCharge is said to start its mass production for the consumer market starting June of 2022, as said by bloggers who are said to have "broke the news about Xiaomi's plans for this technology."

We still need to wait for more news regarding this product. For more information and news regarding anything related to tech, keep following us on Tech Times.

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