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Google's second-generation Pixel buds quietly disappear on Google's online store in the United States and Canada, fueling the speculation that the product was discontinued.

Google's Second-Gen Pixel Buds Not Available

The Pixel Buds are no longer available for purchase on the company's online store. The only product that can be seen on the site is the recent Google Pixel Buds A-Series.

Unfortunately, Google did not release any official statement regarding the disappearance of the Pixel buds.

Google only stated that the product is currently out of stock in Canada and the United States, but there is no news when they'll release a new batch.

A spokesperson for Google stated that although the product is not on its online store anymore, any interested consumers can get them through authorized third-party sellers.

According to Android Police, the Pixel Buds are still available in other countries such as Germany, Australia, Italy, Ireland, France, Singapore, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

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Connection Issues and Poor Battery Life

Released in 2020, the second-generation Pixel Buds debuted to average reviews.

Google had updated its firmware before releasing the Pixel Buds. The update was supposed to solve audio cuts, but consumers stated that the earbuds still had connectivity issues.

According to Forbes, hundreds of consumers posted their complaints on Google's support forums and Reddit about the product's connectivity issues.

Now, consumers are assuming that its poor performance may have been the reason why the product was quietly discontinued.

The main complaint from those who bought the product was that the earbuds would randomly lose connection, and the audio quality would dip.

Google released a statement regarding the complaints, and in August 2020, the company updated the firmware.

However, even after updating the Pixel Buds' firmware to version 550 and rolling out additional features, some consumers said that the issue did not go away.

The thread on Google's website regarding the Pixel Bud's connectivity problem received more than 700 complaints. After the company released the update, it was closed permanently.

However, two new threads have popped up with people posting similar complaints. One user claimed that the earbuds had cut out 28 times in a matter of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Another user claimed that the audio issues began just 10 minutes after he used the device.

On Reddit, numerous comments on several tech threads appeared last year, with one owner saying that the earbuds need a recall due to their poor quality.

Other users even questions how the product made it past quality control, especially coming from a massive company like Google.

Although there was no follow-up on their request based on Google's Support site, some consumers had requested refunds.

In February, Google once again rolled out a firmware update for its Pixel Buds. Although it did not entirely do the trick, there were fewer complaints as the update fixed some issues like hissing and white noise.

The number of complaints went down from 700 to just 30 as of last month. But now that the product is no longer available, the update may not have been enough to salvage the reputation of the earbuds.

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