A new "Fortnite" Leak has claimed that an in-game event is set to take place on July 31. Should it be true, it will be a treat for players who are a fan of a certain female popstar. 

According to the leak, the said in-game event will involve singer and actress Ariana Grande. The leak was posted on the Twitter account of known "Fortnite" leaker iFireMonkey. 

'Fortnite' Leak: In-Game Ariana Grande Concert on July 31

Ariana Grande
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The "Fortnite" leak posted by iFireMonkey claims that the in-game event set to take place on July 31 "might be the Ariana concert."

Should the leak be accurate, "Fortnite" players can expect an in-game Ariana Grande concert at the end of the month. 

The leak further claims that the v17.21 patch is set to be released "within the next few days." The patch, according to iFireMonkey, will most likely add the encrypted files required for the event. 

Previous 'Fortnite' Leaks, Court Documents Point to Ariana Grande Collab

Previous "Fortnite" leaks have already hinted at an Ariana Grande concert happening in the game. The new leak from iFireMonkey gives a potential date of when it may happen. 

According to a mod post uploaded on the r/Fortniteleaks subreddit, a leaker has claimed that an in-game Ariana Grande concert will take place soon. The leaker also claimed that Epic Games staff have conducted a test launch for the in-game concert already. 

Official documents submitted in the court battle between Epic Games and Apple have also "revealed a collaboration with Ariana Grande," according to a report by VGR

Previously, a rumored "Fortnite" Ariana Grande skin turned out to be an April Fools prank. 

Other Recent 'Fortnite' Leaks

The "Fortnite" leaker who served as the source for the mod post in the r/Fortniteleaks subreddit has claimed that characters from "Justice League" and "Suicide Squad" will be added. 

The unknown leaker also claims that Epic Games is trying to get beloved anime character Naruto for the game's Season 8 battle pass. 

The moderators of the subreddit said that their source has previously correctly leaked the Primal season "even before the teasers came out" in an effort to lessen the skepticism towards the new claims. 

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What is 'Fortnite?'

Fortnite Official Teaser
(Photo : Epic Games Official Website)

"Fornite" is an online video game released in 2017 by game developer Epic Games. It has three available game modes players can choose from. 

The first game mode, "Fortnite: Save the World," is a tower-defense shooter survival game that can accommodate up to four players. The objective of this game mode is to defend objects against zombie-like creatures. 

"Fortnite Battle Royal," on the other hand, is a battle royal game that can accommodate up to 100 players. The goal of every player in the battle royal game is to be the last player standing in order to win. 

The third and last game mode, "Fortnite Creative," allows players to create worlds and battle arenas in the game. 

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