The "King" is in "Fortnite." The popular battle royale game dropped the LeBron James Icon Series skin, available for players to get their hands on and use to their liking. There might be a lot of things that LeBron can do, from his colorful basketball career as an All-Star player to being an actor for Space Jam 2's lead character, but this new one is the most bizarre.

LeBron James Icon Series Skins on Fortnite
(Photo : Epic Games)

Being a character in "Fortnite" can be considered as a massive recognition from the game and popular culture, especially as only famous people get to join the battle royale. That being said, this is a rumor that has been confirmed and is now official from Epic Games. 

The King, LeBron James Arrives in 'Fortnite'

LeBron James Icon Series Skins on Fortnite
(Photo : Fortnite via YouTube Screenshot)

According to Epic Games, "The King has Arrived," and by saying "King" there are only a few people that come to mind, and one of those is NBA Superstar LeBron James. The recent addition of James as an Icon Series brings his iconic looks in the game, including that of his beard, almost bald haircut, and enormous build.

He joins the list of those who have been given special recognition by the game, including that of Football superstar Neymar Jr., YouTube and "Fortnite" player Ninja, and other more iconic names in the popular industry.

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LeBron James Icon Series: Everything You Need to Know

"Bron" has a lot of things to bring in the Icon Series, and it does not stop with his black and gold suit with lions on the shoulders and gold, metal wings. "Fortnite" also brings different outfits for the NBA All-Star to his debut to the game, including that of his Space Jam 2 jersey which holds the iconic "Tune Squad" logo, first worn by Michael Jordan.

LeBron James Icon Series Skins on Fortnite
(Photo : Epic Games)

LeBron Outfits in 'Fortnite'

- First is the black and gold one with golden lions on each shoulder

- Second is the Space Jam 2 jersey

- Last is the Mint Green "Taco Tuesday" shirt and beige cargo shorts

All of these outfits have specific and matching design shoes that would go along with it, inspired by the skin's colors and are modeled off Nike's LeBron 19.

LeBron James Icon Series Skins on Fortnite
(Photo : Epic Games)

The "King James Gear" Bundle

- Lion Pickaxe

- Wingspan Glider

- "King's Bling" Backbling

- "The Silencer" emote, a.k.a. LBJ's on-court celebration

LeBron James Icon Series Skins on Fortnite
(Photo : Epic Games)

How to Get LeBron James' Skins and Accessories?

Epic Games said that the LeBron James Icon series bundle would be available by Wednesday, July 14 at 8 PM Eastern Time (5 PM PST). The Icon Series are mostly sold on the Item Shop of the game, usually at around 1,500 to 2,600 V-Bucks, depending on its demand and popularity.

The accessories and another bundle may be sold separately, but "Fortnite" is known to also sell this at a bundled promotion, at a higher price. 

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