Spotify's new feature, "What's New" is set to be available in the next few weeks on both iOS and Android platforms.

The listeners can now enjoy the upcoming feed which would update them all the time. Moreover, they will also have the convenience to stream songs from their favorite musicians--from their fresh albums to the oldest songs to date.

Spotify's 'What's New' Feed' to Soon Arrive in Mobile

Through the new Spotify's 'What's New' Feed, selecting songs or podcasts from your favorite creators is only one scroll away.
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Through the new Spotify's 'What's New' Feed, selecting songs or podcasts from your favorite creators is only one scroll away.

On Monday, July 16 during Spotify's press release, the company announced that users can now have the freedom to enjoy all the newest songs and podcasts from all their favorite content creators and artists that they follow.

In addition, the real-time updates will tap them to listen to the songs even though those that just get launched during a particular date.

The new feature will now make it easy for you to keep track of the latest songs and podcast episodes.

From your Spotify app on your mobile device, you can start accessing the feature in your Home tab's top part. From there, you can see the bell icon and all you have to do is to click it.

Once you're done with that part, you can check for the blue dot on the said blue icon. If you see the colored dot, it means that in your feed, there's already new content that is recently added.

The Spotify "What's New" feed also works the same as any other social media feeds such as Instagram and Facebook.

You can freely filter it depending on your preference. If you feel that your feed is too crowded with unfamiliar songs, you can do this so you can only see the songs or podcast clips from your favorite artists.

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Getting Started With Empty 'What's New Feed': How to Fix That

BGR reported that some people might experience that their Spotify music feed might be too boring. For that part, you can begin following your favorite podcast creators and artists, so the new releases will keep on pouring after your next click.

This initial step will also ensure that once you follow many musicians and the like, your feed is set to cultivate through different varieties of content.

For those who are fond of following many creators, this "What's New" feed will be your go-to place during music streaming.

In the next few weeks, the Swedish firm said that it will now release the feature for Android and iOS users.

In the meantime, the bell icon might be invisible for the users but it would pop out once the feed rolls out in the platforms.

Some Spotify Features So Far

Back in February, we witnessed that Spotify added the Live Lyrics feature, which allows the user to sing songs via Karaoke style. In May, the company said that it would introduce a new auto-transcribe feature intended for podcast users. 

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