Tesla Megapack caught on fire in Australia's largest battery site, one of the world's biggest, during the testing of the Victorian Big Battery in Geelong, Victoria.

CNBC confirmed that the fire at the colossal battery facility, which burned the battery system of the company of Elon Musk, occurred at 10:15 a.m. local time on Friday.

Tesla Megapack Fire in Australia's Largest Battery Site

The spokesperson of the Australian Energy Market Operator or AEMO revealed details about the fire incident on the recently registered battery, assuring that the electricity grid and supply area was spared from the flames. Thus, the power from the region is not affected.

Also, no one was injured as the location has been swiftly evacuated. The local news outlet of ABC reported that both Neoen and Tesla are joining forces to manage the unfortunate situation.

As per Financial Review, the vicinity already received a smoke warning due to the massive fire. As such, residents nearby the facility have already been notified to close their windows and doors, as well as shut down both cooling and heating systems.

Moreover, the cause of the fire incident has yet to be figured out by the authorities.

Australia's Largest: Victorian Big Battery Site

The Victorian Big Battery site, which is powered by the Tesla Megapacks, is meant to be the backup in times of any outages.

The Megapack in the large-scale energy project is the culmination of the partnership of a Paris-based renewable energy firm that goes by the name Neoen, Tesla, and an Australian-based energy company, AusNet Services.

It is to note that the facility recently got its registration from the AEMO, which Neoen Australia boasted in high hopes on its Twitter account. The Paris-based giant went on to thank Tesla, along with other groups, for their involvement.

It is also worth noting that the state of Victoria is aiming for its energy sources to become 50% renewable by 2030.

Elon Musk Tweets

The Tesla CEO has yet to respond to the incident. However, Musk tweeted "Prometheus Unbound," the god of fire," paired with a photo of a massive fire after the news broke that the Megapacks are burning.

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Tesla Megapack

In hindsight, the EV giant started to enter the power business with its home consumer products, such as the Tesla Solar Roof, Powerwall, and tons of smart home offerings. 

Although the Tesla Megapack goes beyond the consumer line, it is among the numerous energy ventures of the company of Musk.

On June 30, residents of Ventura County in California halted the supposed entry of a gas peaker plant in their location. Thus, folks of the said county got a 100MW Tesla Megapack instead.

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