Cat owners, here's a question for you: do you sometimes find it difficult to know if your feline pet is happy and doing okay? Here's another question: have you ever wondered if your pet cat really just naturally looks grumpy or if there is actually something wrong with your feline friend?

Making sure that your cat is doing well is sometimes easier said and done but luckily, there is now an app that can help you figure things out. 

The Tably app makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help cat owners determine if their pets are doing okay or not. 

The Tably app is available for download on the App Store for Apple users and the Play Store for Android users. 

Tably App: What is It?

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The Tably app, currently in Beta mode as of writing, has been launched by a Canadian company called 

On its official website, says that the company creates "predictive healthcare products powered by artificial intelligence to improve animal health outcomes across species."

The Tably app, specifically, is a cat app that helps owners monitor their pets' wellness and happiness. It can also check if your pet cat is in pain. makes use of what it refers to as the AI-based Remote Patient Monitoring. 

The cap app is useful not just for cat owners, but for veterinarians as well as it can help detect health issues early and before they become a major problem. 

How the Tably App Works

According to a tweet posted by Reuters, the Tably app makes use of facial recognition technology as well as what calls Feline Grimace Scale to predict a cat's well-being. 

The Feline Grimace Scale, according to the website, is "a validated tool used to help with feline pain assessment." The assessment is made by the Feline Grimace Scale based on five different facial cues, which include ear position, muzzle tension, whisker position, orbital tightening, and head position. 

As the Tably app is still in Beta mode as of press time, the app experience is not exactly perfect. According to a report by NEWS 8 WTNH, the Tably app's facial recognition technology struggles with registering the face of a black cat. 

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Other Cat Apps, Tech Companies With Cat-Friendly Causes

Many app developers have created apps that are specifically catered to pets and pet owners. The Tably app one is one of the many apps that have been created for cat owners and their feline friends. 

Late last year, it was reported that an ex-Amazon engineer created a cat translator app that is meant to help owners understand their pets' meow. 

Tech companies have also used their apps for cat-related causes. In 2015, Foursquare announced a partnership with Alley Cat Rescue (ACR) in an effort to use its Swarm app to help save stray cats

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