"Axie Infinity" developers have been recently alarmed by the growing scams in the popular NFT game. According to the official Twitter page of the gamified blockchain, there is a spreading "fake" Ronin mobile wallet found in Google Play Store.

The tweet stated that at the moment, there is no Ronin mobile wallet in the app store. "Axie Infinity" devs said that they had notified the tech giant to remove it as soon as possible. 

'Axie Infinity' Players Share Their Problems

In a tweet posted by @AxieInfinity on Tuesday, Aug.3, the creators told the players to be more careful in downloading the Ronin mobile wallet online. If there is a suspicious mobile copycat of the app, it is likely used for a cryptocurrency scam.

Upon the official announcement regarding the popular NFT game, many people shared their recent experiences with "Axie Infinity."

One user narrated that his friend's "Axie" account got hacked, but he did not click any suspicious link or website. He added that his friend also has a two-way authenticator so he could safeguard his account when gifting Axies.

Another Twitter citizen shared that a similar thing happened to her. In fact, she did not even access any phishing "Axie" links when the hacking took place.

The next day, she was surprised that her Axies were already given away. The suspected hackers also used her metamask to steal all of her tokens in her ronin wallet.

Besides the left-and-right hacking cases in "Axie Infinity," one user posted that he could not withdraw SLP from ronin to metamask.

Another NFT gamer complained about her locked account. According to her, she was barred from playing adventure for two hours. For that part, she could have never completed the captcha verification during that time, as told by another commenter.

Tips to Secure Your 'Axie Infinity' Account

According to PEAKD, here is how you can keep your account safe while playing this NFT game.

First, only download the provided and official extension of the game, which the developers recommend. Since the phishing scams are bugging some players in "Axie Infinity," the players should be warier than before.

Scammers can exploit your Ronin wallet and rob your assets if you sign up using your seed phrase. Remember: your security recovery phrase should only be kept to yourself.

Second, make sure that you regularly visit the official accounts of the NFT game on social media. As of now, be mindful that there is NO Ronin Mobile Wallet for the NFT game.

If the Ronin Wallet app in your Google Play Store appears like this, stay away from that fake application. Axieinfinity.com and not Junior Cesar should authorize it.

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