Spotify 'Plus' Could Cost Just $0.99 a Month BUT Still Include Ads
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Spotify 'Plus' Could Cost Just $0.99 a Month BUT Still Include Ads

Spotify Plus could be the company's more budget friendly deal possibly costing just $0.99! The only backlash, however, is that it might not be ads-free and might still include ads.

Spotify Plus 'Unlimited Skips' and 'On-Demand Listening'

According to XDA-developers, Spotify is currently testing out a brand new low-cost subscription tier that is still supported by advertisements. The new offering would be known as the "Spotify Plus."

The particular subscription tier is described to have "unlimited skips" as well as "on-demand listening." The downside, however, is that it would still incorporate ads as users experience when they are still using the free subscription plan. Spotify users increased by 21% during Q1 of 2021 showing a positive increase for the company.

Spotify Free Tier

As of the moment, Spotify's free tier still does not allow users to skip for over six tracks an hour. Users can also reportedly listen to specific tracks from 15 selected playlists, namely the editorial-selected playlists all the way to algorithmically generated playlists including the "Discovery Weekly" as well as the "Daily Mix" playlists.

On top of this, free users can also choose to shuffle tracks. In order to avoid the whole nuisance, users can subscribe to Spotify's full premium service which costs the user $9.99 a month. The Verge, however, reported that the new Spotify Plus tier might be coming at just $0.99 a month! Other prices, as of the moment, are still being tested.

Spotify Plus Being Tested

Spotify also confirmed to the verge in their given statement noting that the company is always working to be able to enhance the whole spotify experience and they have routinely conducted tests in order to inform the decisions that the company makes. Spotify then noted that they are currently conducting a test when it comes to an ad-supported subscription plan that is available to just a limited number of users as of the moment.

The company also confirmed that as of the moment, there is still no guarantee that the Spotify Plus will be available in its current tier. Spotify noted that some tests actually end up paving the way for other new offerings or enhancements while others might only provide learnings. It was noted that the company does not have any additional information aside from their statement.

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Spotify HiFi Tier

Spotify also likes to test out features and some of these features do find their way into the main Spotify app. An example of this is how the company announced a new HiFi tier for the lossless music streaming that happened earlier this year. The feature is still yet to fully come to fruition.

As of the moment, however, other features like group listening music sessions were discovered some time early last year and are currently available to all users. As of the moment, it's still entirely possible that the feature will eventually launch for all Spotify users.

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