SpaceX has attempted to do a full-stack earlier today, but was greeted with high winds and eventually got canceled on its trial. This led the public and its fans to fear the future of the full-stack flights with the actual spacecraft, one that would tower in Boca Chica. However, Elon Musk said that there should not be any panic as they have "Mechazilla."

Sadly, the Starship and the Super Heavy Booster rocket get to see another day without getting on top of each other-to serve its purpose of soon going to Mars.

SpaceX Full-Stack Gets Cancelled

SpaceX Full Stack
(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter)

Yes, you heard that right; SpaceX's first attempt to stack its Mars spacecraft atop each other gets canceled, and the Full-Stack further its wait for people to see the enormous combination.

The public was promised the full-stack in July, but that did not happen, as preparations made by SpaceX only started last month, as seen on Musk's tweets.

The SpaceX CEO posted a photo on Twitter, where it showed both the SN15 Starship and Super Heavy Booster facing each other, awaiting its stacking.

Several hours later, Musk made a follow up a tweet, saying that high winds were causing them a concern for the attempt, and decided to postpone the procedure for tomorrow, Friday, August 6. However, the schedule would still depend on the condition of the weather, if winds would still blow as hard earlier today.

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Starship, Super Heavy vs. High Winds

A towering structure without any support, in an open field with lots of wind? Despite its rigid structure, it might not be enough to battle winds, as the phenom of nature is known for blowing things out of its way since the early days.

People should expect as much as 400 feet when stacking Starship atop Super Heavy, as the booster rocket alone is 230 feet tall.

One of its massive enemies is the wind, and seeing that it got canceled today, it would still be something that the company would face shortly.

Mechazilla is the Answer for Full-Stack

Regarding this concern, a fan asked Elon what would happen if a mission is set, but winds are blowing hard. Here, Musk said that this would not be a problem, or even leaving these spacecraft stacked atop each other, especially when Mechazilla is already operational.

Mechazilla is the name dubbed by the CEO to Super Heavy's Orbital Launch Tower that would hold it up and catch it as it returns to the surface. Not only would it catch it upon its return and hold it as it awaits its next mission, but it can also provide structural support for both Starship and Super Heavy.

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