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Windows 11 has a productivity feature that could help its users by limiting certain features like Spotify! Just a few days ago, word got out that a new Windows 11 feature which wasn't initially announced is hitting the updated OS.

Microsoft Pomodoro-Style Productivity Feature

According to Panos Panay's tweet, an eccentric Microsoft hype man, there is a new interesting feature that is coming to Windows 11 that wasn't actually part of the previous official announcement. The feature was also notably not present in any of the other previous builds.

The operating system will reportedly come with a new feature that is called the Windows Focus Sessions. The feature is basically a sort of Pomodoro-style timer that comes with both Spotify and Microsoft To-Do integration. When Windows 11 initially came out, it did not really hit the right chord with some users. However, with new features like these, the consensus regarding Windows 11 could slowly shift.

Pomodoro Method in Productivity

TheNextWeb noted that for those that are unfamiliar, the Pomodoro method is reportedly a simple productivity strategy. This strategy basically makes its followers focus on a specific task for about 20-30 minutes before taking a short 5 to 10 minute break in between.

The exact timing, however, remains quite flexible but the whole idea is to break down a certain task into smaller and more manageable chunks while still leaving room for those small distractions. The important factor is that the distractions remain small and its followers take a shortly timed break in order to ensure that they do not let loose and really procrastinate.

Microsoft Focus Sessions Windows 11

Through the look of the uploaded teaser, Focus Sessions will directly be integrated into the Windows 11 Clock app. Users will be able to set up just how long they want to focus for as well as see the summary of their tasks from the official Microsoft To-Do app. The Windows 11 system requirements has also been quite puzzling but since the operating system was able to run on Raspberry Pi, it just goes to show either how accommodating the Windows 11 is or how flexible the Raspberry Pi is.

There is technically a slight gamification component that goes with the daily progress tracker which lets its users know just how many hours they have spent "focusing." The already integrated Spotify functionality will show both shortcuts to favorite playlists as well as suggest some great background music.

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Other Pomodoro-Style Apps and Websites

Some people work better with music on but not everyone uses Spotify. It is still unknown as to whether Microsoft will be adding different music streaming services than Spotify. As of the moment, there are already some other Pomodoro-style apps and websites out there. 

It's still really nice to see one that is directly integrated into Windows. The feature can then introduce this productivity method to a wide range of different users. Considering just how often Microsoft tries to promote productivity, this new upgrade could be one of the other Microsoft features that stand out in Windows 11. 

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